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Welcome to our brand new square scarf turban tying guide. We hope you find it super useful and easy to do!

Step 1 Fold the scarf across on the diagonal to form a triangle. Place over head with point of triangle pointing towards the nape. Ensure scarf ends are equal.

The scarf used in this guide comes as a tightly rolled silk square. This gives it a lovely crinckly texture but means it has to be unravelled to... Read more
If you're just about to lose your hair and feel that hats just don't suit you - read on. We hear from many clients who think just that - it's probably simply the fact that you haven't found the correct hat style, and shape that works for you. The secret is to find headwear that compliments your face shape. Our headwear for hair loss page can provide further ideas and info' on the many... Read more
We thought it might be helpful to put together a more detailed guide on hat / headwear shapes and how they can be matched to your face shape. This isn't an exact science and there are no hard and fast rules, so here is some guidance if you're new to wearing hats and unsure what to look for. If you can define your overall face shape it should set you on the path to finding headwear that really suits you.... Read more
Have you ever looked through your bead stash searching for inspiration for a new project only to become disheartened because most of what is there is old, damaged, or not enough for what you had in mind? Or maybe you planned out a project, ordered the materials, and on delivery day, what you expected was not what you recieved? We have all been there.

Recently, I ordered several colors of glass pearls for a... Read more
Just for fun - a simple hand painting activity.

The lockdown had been a great challenge to all of us. I have kids around me demanding for an activity ALL DAY LONG! As an art lover, I always have watercolours or fabrics around me. Looking into ever curious minds, the idea of Hand painting came to my mind.

You can always find basic watercolours at your nearest craft outlets or have some old ones on your... Read more
The Holidays are just around the corner - this means it’s time to start preparing. There are many things to think of, from gifts to the Christmas tree, and we all know that time is passing so much faster right before the holidays. But this DIY project is not only easy to make but it solves two problems with one solution.

You can make these holiday coasters by following the steps in this guide and you can... Read more
Traditional Indian Art forms – Why are they disappearing?

Thomas Merton, the renowned American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist, and scholar of comparative religion rightly said “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. India defined the saying to a T!

Almost every part of our country has an art form of its own.... Read more
We are living in unprecedented and stressful times, and the worst thing is that this situation doesn’t have a definite end – this is not business as usual! So if you are having hard times right now, you are not alone.

You are also a part of our iCraft community and we were wondering how we could support our community members more during these tough times.

If you are worried about the impact of the... Read more
Nearly a year ago, I wrote a blog post, “It Takes Time to Build Your Nest – A Lesson Learned in Creating an Online Store” . A year later I am reexamining where I am financially, mentally, and creatively.

Where to begin? It all started with a vision and a desire to create quality handmade products. However, I was clueless as to the type of products I would create, my target market and pricing.... Read more
Spring is almost here! While sometimes it can be hard to believe warmer weather is on its way, it really is coming! We decided to get into the spring spirit and look ahead at some incoming spring crafting trends. Read on below to look at our top 5 crafting trends, to get you inspired to craft for the upcoming spring season!

1. The New Age

The new age is trending in the digital age! The practices the new age... Read more

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