Hand Painting Activity for Kids

Posted by: Bindu

Just for fun - a simple hand painting activity.

The lockdown had been a great challenge to all of us. I have kids around me demanding for an activity ALL DAY LONG! As an art lover, I always have watercolours or fabrics around me. Looking into ever curious minds, the idea of Hand painting came to my mind.

You can always find basic watercolours at your nearest craft outlets or have some old ones on your shelves. All you need is paper along with that.

Just make the kids dip the palms of their hands into the paint, place them on the paper and tell them to create whatever they like. Here, they created a small plant-like art.

If you are looking for a simple unplanned activity or hobby alternatives for kids, do try this! This activity works great for those looking for simple artistic kids activities.

What kind of creative activities you use with your kids?

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