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What can a bride wear on her wedding day if she is experiencing extensive hair loss? We receive emails from many clients with long term hair loss concerns asking what they can wear for their ‘big day’. It seems there is little out there when it comes to stylish bridal headwear that completely covers your head.

Beyond the 'beanie': bridal headwear that is beautiful... Read more
Whether you love or dread Valentine's Day, leave it to National Geographic to have found inspiring photos of love that aren't all nauseating and cliched. In fact, they're warm enough to melt even the coldest of hearts! Read more
I hear it's a wedding season! Tons of women, under pressure. Planning, fitting, negotiating, crunching numbers and tweaking last minute details! Well, here are some iCraft goodies that will help your decision making.

Hand Crafted Ivory Satin Ring Pillow With A Lovely Applique , by Dreams of Avalon :

Satin Wedding Box Card - Tiffany , by Wrap Artist :

Silver Plated Beaded Toe Ring , by Siljewel :... Read more
Having kids has made me more interested in creating Valentine's Cards . I love playing around with different textures and coming up with ideas that will make my kids smile. I also love to see some of the gorgeous cards being created by our very own iCraft store owners. You can find so many styles and types to suit your special Valentine. Here are a few of my favorite picks.

Cupcake Valentine Card... Read more
For all the budget brides, I know paying for someone to do your hair can get REALLY pricey ... but check out these videos!! DIY tutorial on some cute hairdos, seems pretty easy to do too!

This will probably save you a hundred or two dollars!

For those who can't even do they hair to go to work, thank God for hair stylists or ask a friend or family member to do your hair for your dream day, you would be... Read more
Planning a wedding can be a crafty girl’s dream come true, and it all starts with the wedding invitations!

The wedding invitations set the tone for your entire event , so when it was time for my husband and I to pick our invitations, we decided to go the do-it-yourself (DIY) route.

Between my craftiness and my husband’s amazing artistic ability, we decided we wanted to make our wedding... Read more
In a recent U.S. survey, Austin, Houston and Dallas came out among the best-value cities to live in, ranked highly for being affordable, cultural, fun cities with high quality of living.

Texas suffers from a bad reputation in Canada, but unfairly so, as politics aside, Texas as the second-largest U.S. state able to fit France and Spain into its boundaries, and boasts a lot more than being the temporary ranch of... Read more
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