Pricing Policy for Sellers

As a seller on, you'll have your own online store with its own URL which lives at
There is a small, one-time registration fee, plus a low monthly fee. There are no other hidden sales or hosting fees. Additionally, does not charge (re)listing fees or a commission on your sales. Sellers who make a sale on the site, collect all the money for themselves.

Registration Fee

$25.00 USD

This is a small, non-refundable one-time fee each seller pays when setting up their "Creator Exhibit". It is required in order to verify the seller's identity, ensure credit card validity and to encourage honest transactions. This preventative measure will give buyers confidence that they are dealing with serious, honest sellers.

Subscription Fee

Three available packages allow you to customize the amount of products your Creator Exhibit displays. You can add, delete or rotate your products any time you want. If your business is seasonal, you can put your subscription on hold and resume it at any time. The subscription fee is not refundable if you choose to un-list a product from your inventory.

1 to 50 Items (interchangeable) - $5.00 USD/month.


1 to 100 Items (interchangeable) - $10.00 USD/month.

Unlimited Items (interchangeable) - $12.00 USD/month.

The Details

Our Billing System is monthly, starting on the first of each month.

Interchangeable Items
When we say that items are "interchangeable", that means you have complete flexibly to change / update what is displayed. For example, say you have 5 "summer" items in your inventory in July. When October arrives, you decide you want to update your 5 items to reflect your "winter" collection. You can do so at no additional charge, as long as you place your "summer" items on hold. "On hold" items are not included in your active inventory, and will not be counted as part of your package - only items which you flag as "live" are.

Number of Products Listed
There are no limits to the amount of products one can submit to their Creator Exhibit, and items will remain featured until they are removed.

If you happen to reach the maximum amount of items in your package, will give you the option of adding an additional item at a set cost, or upgrading to the next available package. The choice will always be yours.

It's About Quality, Not Quantity
Unlike most other arts & craft ecommerce sites, does not charge creators per quantity of a listing. For example, if you have a product page showcasing your knitted scarf, and you have 5 of them available for sale, feel free to list the "Availability" quantity as 5! We will not charge you any additional fees.

Additionally, you can upload up to 6 images per product listing.

Refunds & Cancellations
It's important to note that our registration fee and our subscription fees are non-refundable. When you cancel your seller subscription, your account will be placed on hold at the end of the period for which you've paid already.

Referral Program for Creators
Refer your talented crafting friends to and earn anywhere from 3-months of free unlimited service to 1 year or more!  You can find your Referral Code when you login into your account .

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This Pricing Policy was last updated on June 20, 2019
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