What's Considered Handmade?

iCraft accepts only one-of-a-kind handmade products that are designed and/or developed by individual creators or groups of creators, like mother and daughter duo or professional collectives.

Some of the examples of handmade items posted on iCraft:

Handmade earrings, rings and necklaces, handmade toys, kids and baby items, handmade clothing, hand-knitted scarves and hats, handmade soap, and other bath & body products, hand-crafted home decor items, like quilts, handmade pillows, Christmas decorations, outdoor decor, handmade furniture and other types of art and crafts.

Samples of Handmade Products.

For products to be considered handmade here are the guidelines:

  • No mass-produced or manufactured items

  • No vintage or previously-used items

  • By "previously-used items", we mean products that have been used by someone for one purpose cannot be sold on the site for the same purpose. An example of this would be a necklace that a seller created, which was sold and used by the buyer for a period of time. If it comes back into the seller's possession, the seller cannot sell the item again on iCraft

  • A previously-used item can be used, ONLY if it is used as an artistic canvas for your own creations

  • While we do allow certain products that are hand-altered, we are looking for high-end crafts

  • Vintage-inspired or items with some vintage materials are allowed

  • Items that are made out of recycled materials are allowed, if they now serve a different purpose than originally intended. For example: turning vintage dresses into pillows, old doors into furniture, etc.

  • We do accept original artwork and giclees.
    To submit giclees, use "Artwork" as a main product category and "Artist's Prints" as a sub-category.

iCraftGifts.com reserves the right to remove any item not in compliance with the submission criteria.

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