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Daily Assignments for Sellers' Bootcamp #5  

Assignment 8, Bootcamp #5 - Backlinks Report
Assignment 7, Bootcamp #5 - Guest Blogging
Assignment 6, Bootcamp #5 - Listing in Directories
Assignment 5, Bootcamp #5 - The Popularity Factor
Assignment 4, Bootcamp #5 - Rinse and Repeat
Assignment 3, Bootcamp #5 - Product Reviews
Assignment 2, Bootcamp #5 - Researching Blogging Community
Assignment 1, Bootcamp #5 - Backlinks Basics

Daily Assignments for Sellers' Bootcamp #4  (Sept 24 - Oct 20, 2012)

Bootcamp #4: Update?
Day 20 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Pinterest, G+ & others
Day 19 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Twitter & Facebook
Day 18 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Blog Review & Social Media
Day 17 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Keep working on your posts
Day 16 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Blogging again! :)
Day 15 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Blogging Part 3
Day 14 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Blogging Part 2
Day 13 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Blogging Part 1
Day 12 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Learning about Backlinks
Day 11 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - List your Promo Activities
Day 10 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Refresh your List
Day 9 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Review Keywords
Day 8 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - List your Best Products!
Day 7 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Status Update
Day 6 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Review "Silver Workshop"
Day 5 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Review "Red Rock Designs"
Day 4 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Review "Jewelry by Kat"
Day 3 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Review "JaJeJems"
Day 2 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Review "Fairy Cardmaker"
Day 1 Assignment, Bootcamp #4 - Review "Delightful Suds"

About Sellers' Bootcamp

This is going to be a 4-weeks marketing program (weekends off) that will get us into the habit of effective and consistent marketing, with low- to no-cost methods: and at least 30 minutes of your time daily.

Bootcamp will be about establishing routines and disciplines to do the daily marketing activities needed to keep your business growing. It will be also about meeting some of your online neighbours and iCraft family, so from hereafter you will always have a support system.

All our Bootcamps are slightly different. However, most likely, we'll always start with the review of your store, provide your with the feedback and suggestions for improvements (SEO, prices, store policies, product photos etc.) and then get into the actual promotional activities. We do things in a certain order because it doesn't make sense to drive traffic to pages that have problems. They will not convert your visitors into buyers.

We post Daily Assignments on Forum for Bootcampers to follow.

Throughout the day we'll encourage you to post questions and communicate freely in the forum about what you are doing... You can brag, debate, question and even argue... but no whining. :)
The next day you will see a new assignment again, and so on for each of the remaining days.

We will make this fun and interesting (sometimes with free stuff too!).

To sign-up for this program and to qualify for iCraft incentives, please go to "My Profile" and check "Yes, sign me up for the "Sellers' Bootcamp" program!" checkbox.

Please Note: Once Bootcamp starts, we won't be taking on new participants! However, you can sign up for future Bootcamp. Right now we take on 10 Participants Max! Check back about the dates for our next Bootcamp.

Even though you can't participate now, you can still follow current Bootcamp's posts or see previous Bootcamp's posts, including daily assignments, on our forum. We'd like to hear what worked and what didn't work for you in the past, if you participated before, or what you'd like to learn, if you decide to participate in this program next time.

Program Reviews:

Utilize Help and Information From Your Selling Venues Utilize Help and Information From Your Selling Venues
by GalleriaLinda, May 20, 2009

One of the ways online sellers can benefit from marketing and selling success strategies is through the selling venues that they use. You can find a lot of selling, promotional, and marketing tips in the venue's documentation that is very valuable!

The forums on each of the venues becomes a treasure trove of shared experiences about everything for selling online. Use it!

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Program Creator

Christine Skaley, PillowThrowDecor,Christine Skaley,
aka PillowThrowDecor

Christine came up with this brilliant idea of creating a program for iCraft Sellers, where we could provide them with marketing and advertising tips in small daily doses.

With Christine's help, we ran a few successful Bootcamps already. We will always be grateful to her for suggesting this idea to us, so we wanted to give her a credit for it on the Sellers' Bootcamp page.

From Christine:

I've retired from a 26 year career of "suits and sales" and part of my professional background was sales training, technical instructing and strategic planning. I've seen this lousy economy before. However, people are still spending: so why are they not shopping at my store???

I thought we need a program that takes us back to basics. That's how the idea of "Sellers' Bootcamp" was born.

...We will try and get everyone including newbies out of the gate with at least one sale! I hate zero. It looks fat. :)

Visit Christine's store PillowThrowDecor
and follow her on Twitter @pillowthrowdeco