Member Benefits

  • No commission on sales and no (re)listing fees

  • Personalised store
    • Each member can upload their own shop banner and avatar image. Your shop is assigned a unique URL, based on your shop name.
    • Want to change your name? You can do so easily through the "My Account" area.

  • Shop management tools
    • You manage your own shipping, returns and payment policies.
    • You can setup an unlimited number of shipping profiles
    • A clone feature allows you to create new product listings based on the existing product listings.
      You can also setup discounts and expiry dates for multiple listings - all at once.
    • Your products - even your entire store - can be placed "On Hold" if you go on vacation.

  • Shop statistics
    • iCraft lets you track you page views for your store and your product pages, as well as comments about your products.
    • You can connect your iCraft shop to your Google Analytics and start tracking web trends within 24 hrs.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • We continuously work on improving page optimization, as well as educating members on Best Practices for optimizing your store.

  • Promotional Tools
    • Your shop has an RSS feed and links for sharing your products on social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Kaboodle, etc.)
    • You can create promotional shop widget to place on your personal blog or site, allowing you to showcase the products you posted on iCraft.
    • You can link your iCraft store to your Twitter account, so all your product updates are automatically sent out through your Twitter account.
    • Coming soon: A Facebook app that will allow you to post your products directly to your Facebook page.

  • Advertising
    • iCraft automatically promotes your products on the homepage and throughout the site.
      New and recently updated products are displayed at the top of related Search Results.
    • Your products are automatically submitted to Google products search and displayed on, exposing them to close to 40 million shoppers per month.

  • Social Media
    • iCraft automatically tweets out your new and recently updated products through its Twitter feeds
    • iCraft regular profiles member products on its Facebook page, using wall posts and picture albums
    • We also plan to feature Crafters and their products through our YouTube channel

  • Newsletters
    • iCraft sends out two monthly, themed newsletters to Buyers and subscribers, featuring member products - your items could be included.
    • iCraft sends out a monthly email update called iCraftHQ to all sellers, profiling shops, share ideas on how to sell more effectively.

  •  Blog Central
    • Each Member has the ability to post to our Blog Central (please note all posts are moderated).
    • All member blog posts are connected to their shops, so buyers can get updates through your blog.

  • Message Board
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