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Purchase Unlimited Product Postings for just $5.00 USD/month
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Why Sell on iCraft

  • Handmade Focus
    Our Handmade-only Marketplace is for true artists and crafters.
    Your creations, for example handmade jewelry, crafts, artwork, clothing, accessories, home decor, are displayed with other unique hand-crafted items. No resellers, no vintage or supplies, nothing manufactured.

  • Quick Setup
    Set up your store and start selling right away. You need no special knowledge. Find useful information on our Help pages and Forum articles. Our friendly Admin team is standing by if you have questions.

  • Store Importer
    If you already sell your handmade products on other sites, like Etsy or eBay, itís easy to import listings into your iCraft store using our Bulk Products Importer feature.

  • Store Promotions
    We optimize all your product listings for major search engines to bring targeted traffic to your pages. Work with free tools to market your iCraft store, including widgets and social media integration.

  • Competitive Fees
    You donít need a big investment to get started. Our comprehensive services and tools are yours for a small monthly fee. We don't charge relisting fees, and you pay no commission on sales.

  • International Marketplace
    iCraft features sellers from the US, Canada, the UK and many other places around the globe. By selling on our world-wide marketplace you gain international exposure and reach new audiences.

What you can Sell:

  • iCraft is for HANDMADE Creations only! Learn what's considered handmade.
    iCraft is the go-to online venue for handmade beaded jewelry, bridal accessories, art and crafts, handmade furniture, toys, knitted hats, crocheted baby items, handmade soap, home decor items and more.
  • Creations must be new and not previously used (no vintage). You may use recycled materials, for example metals, wood, cloth and other goods.
  • You must be the designer, creator and/or producer of your art, craft or fashion. (no product resellers)
  • iCraft welcomes organized groups of creators.
  • iCraft is a family-oriented site: we do not carry items that are of an erotic nature or contain adult content.
  • iCraft does not carry food, drinks, or any other consumables.
  • iCraft reviews all products for quality, uniqueness and presentation. We reserve the right to remove any listing that does not follow these standards.

Seller Benefits

  • Communicate directly with your buyers
  • Receive sales notifications and collect all the money via Paypal
  • Accept Custom Orders for products that you can reproduce after you sell them
  • Use iCraft Coupons to apply a discount to all your products or to specific collections, for example "Mothers Day Gifts" or "Christmas Gifts". Coupons are great to use during holidays and to attract repeat customers
  • Place individual items or your whole store on sale in seconds. Sale items have site-wide exposure and will be included in many special categories. We often feature sale items in our monthly Newsletter to Buyers
  • Enjoy product flexibility in your store for no extra fee. Any quantity of the same product is counted as a single product
  • iCraft has partnered with Hover, a leading domain name registration provider, to offer current iCraft sellers a FREE .store domain extension for the first year and 50% off on other domain extensions.
  • Search Engine Optimization - All of your store pages are automatically optimized for major search engines
  • Your store is integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you instantly attract buyers from social networks
  • Already have your own website or blog? Use our promotional widget to showcase your iCraft products on your site
  • Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing with our free Sellers' Bootcamp
  • Need extra help with generating sales? Work with one of our Sales Associates.
  • Create your own blog on iCraft and engage with your buyers.
  • Mingle, network, learn, and be inspired in the iCraft community

aka Fairy Cardmaker,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I love the size of the pictures and how they look like little polaroid pictures. Everything is immediately visible and it is easy to see the shop's variety at a glance.

Time is PRECIOUS to internet shoppers.


aka JaJeJems,
York Harbour, Newfoundland, Canada

For me, having an iCraft online store has been a very positive experience. First of all I am very happy with the way my store looks and how it presents my jewellery to the public. It was very easy to set up initially; the step-by-step instructions were easy to follow and the iCraft support team have always been there to answer my questions in a timely fashion...

iCraft Fees & Subscription Packages

Open your iCraft Store now

Purchase Unlimited Product Postings for just $5.00 USD/month
for up to 12 months and even get a 10% discount on top of that.

  • No commission on sales!
  • $25.00 USD registration fee
  • 3 monthly subscription packages
  • No (re)listing fees: products remain in your store, no renewals required
  • No additional fees for listing an item in more than one product category
  • Interchangeable products; no charge for quantity of each product listed
  • 10% discount on annual fees!
  • Referral Program for Sellers
  • No contracts or commitments
/ month

Ideal for the Beginners with a limited number of items.

  • 1 to 50 items
  • Interchangeable
  • Free or discounted domain
/ month

Ideal for Sellers that carry a large number of items.

  • Unlimited items
  • Interchangeable
  • Free or discounted domain
/ month

Ideal for the majority of crafters. This is our most popular plan.

  • 1 to 100 items
  • Interchangeable
  • Free or discounted domain

Switching packages takes effect at the beginning of the month.

See our Pricing Policy for more details.

Need Help? Find it in Seller's Help or Contact Customer Service.