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Welcome to our brand new square scarf turban tying guide. We hope you find it super useful and easy to do!

Step 1 Fold the scarf across on the diagonal to form a triangle. Place over head with point of triangle pointing towards the nape. Ensure scarf ends are equal.

The scarf used in this guide comes as a tightly rolled silk square. This gives it a lovely crinckly texture but means it has to be unravelled to... Read more
If you're just about to lose your hair and feel that hats just don't suit you - read on. We hear from many clients who think just that - it's probably simply the fact that you haven't found the correct hat style, and shape that works for you. The secret is to find headwear that compliments your face shape. Our headwear for hair loss page can provide further ideas and info' on the many... Read more
We thought it might be helpful to put together a more detailed guide on hat / headwear shapes and how they can be matched to your face shape. This isn't an exact science and there are no hard and fast rules, so here is some guidance if you're new to wearing hats and unsure what to look for. If you can define your overall face shape it should set you on the path to finding headwear that really suits you.... Read more
Nothing inspires us more at Suburban Turban Headwear than the wonderful feedback and kind comments that let us know the difference that our headwear makes in helping women rock their style and feel their confident, beautiful best - and, most importantly, still feel like themselves - whilst experiencing hair loss.

When we see pictures posted shared on Facebook or Twitter by those who choose to share... Read more
What can a bride wear on her wedding day if she is experiencing extensive hair loss? We receive emails from many clients with long term hair loss concerns asking what they can wear for their ‘big day’. It seems there is little out there when it comes to stylish bridal headwear that completely covers your head.

Beyond the 'beanie': bridal headwear that is beautiful... Read more
Here is our all new , step-by-step photo guide to tying a long scarf into a turban. Esther, our model, is wearing one of our classic, very popular Long Tying Turban Scarves (See more of our products at Suburban Turban Headwear) . These come in a huge range of on-trend colours from neutrals to brights, jewel-like shades and more!)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4... Read more
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Our blog profiles individuals who have a personal hair loss story to tell; key issues that interest us from the long term hair loss community - Alopecia; short term hair loss testimonials of how women have overcome and handled their cancer hair loss journey; as well as new product launches and press updates. We love to hear back from our clients and hear about their special occassions - brides, mother of the brides, and special 'milestone' achievements.

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