Easy 4 step square scarf chemo turban tying guide

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Welcome to our brand new square scarf turban tying guide. We hope you find it super useful and easy to do!

Step 1

Fold the scarf across on the diagonal to form a triangle. Place over head with point of triangle pointing towards the nape. Ensure scarf ends are equal.

The scarf used in this guide comes as a tightly rolled silk square. This gives it a lovely crinckly texture but means it has to be unravelled to fit over the head.

Reverse view of Step 1 (Our model wears a wig liner to hold hair up but there is no need to wear anything under the scarf)


Step 2

Twist the scarf on each side by your ears. This will give a smooth scarf line around the face and prevent gaping.


Step 3

Cross over scarf at the nape of the neck - ensuring the back of the scarf is tucked behind.


Step 4

Bring the scarf ends round to the front and tie off to one side, in a simple bow.  The crinkled ends 'dangle' attractively! Here is a reverse view of the scarf with the scarf 'triangle' point tucked in at the back.

This tying guide can be used with any square scarf measuring 100 x 100 cms.  Remember to avoid slippy synthetics and lighter gauge fabrics for summer scarves can make a huge difference keeping you and your head cooler. The finer the scarf the easier it is to wear under your favourite summer hat. This fills in the nape of the neck beautifully and simply looks stylish and chic, with the scarf ends left trailing over one shoulder.
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