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Embrace the Eco-friendly lifestyle. Find new and interesting ways to reduce, re-use, and recycle!

Finally as a society we have recognized that we are consuming in non-sustainable way. It’s been too much for too long, but hopefully – it’s not too late to change habits and help our environment .

Looking back I realize what a tiny footprint my parents and grandparents have left on this planet! They reused and recycled everything they possible could.

My father was able to repaire any household... Read more
The role you play as a consumer of the fashion industry is critical for the healthy future of our planet, and ourselves. Do you know how many toxic chemicals are leached into the environment from the fashion & textile industry? Take a look at this video from Greenpeace.

Governments can create laws around environmental issues, but nothing will have a greater, faster and more sustainable impact than... Read more
Check out the world's biggest treehouse, if you dare. The religious bit may only appeal to some, but it's impressive nonetheless.

And if your kids see this and get any ideas, there's an easy response: paraphrase Jaws . "You're going to need a bigger tree." Read more
This gives "potted plants" a whole new definition. And... do the roads smell better? Read more
It like's the old saying goes: when geography gives you ice, make iceberg apartments.

These things also reminded me of the '80s board game, ' Don't Wake the Dragon '. The architecture team really would've nailed this one if a giant purple dragon appeared occasionally. Read more
A Dutch designer figured out how to make build-your-own bikes possible, and left a ton of space for designing your own take on the finished product.

What's next, lunchbox airplanes? Read more
Food is your friend. In Toronto, there's this awesome initiative called The Stop Community Food Centre, which sort of started as a food bank but blossomed into an organization committed to increasing access to healthy food. Check your local neighbourhoods for something similar - or hey, even start one yourself?

And not into cooking? No problem. These places are like nature's gifts to your eyes. Has to... Read more
Did you know April is Earth Month? It is!

Not a conspiracy theorist, but is it just a coincidence it's "spring cleaning" time, too?

Two great reasons to create some new projects out of old things...

Original story: 25 Upcycled Craft Projects for Earth Month ...April is a great time to raise awareness about issues that impact the planet to an audience who might not be as receptive to that... Read more
As they say "One man's trash is another man's treasure". With the craft projects presented here, you can find out how to recycle creatively and turn your trash into treasure. Chicken made from Eggshells "What Came First?" by Kyle Bean shows that nothing should ever go to trash.

Tribute to Michael Jackson, Cassette tape on Canvas Erika Iris Simmons specializes in... Read more
To continiew with the Art of Recycling theme, I wanted to share a few more jaw-dropping recycled arts made out of reclaimed wood . Log Bowls These gorgeous Log Bowls , designed by Doha Chebib Lindskoog from Edmonton-based design collective Loyal Loot combine the beauty of a tree in its natural state. They are handmade using only unwanted waste wood - trees that have fallen in storms. This reclaimed... Read more
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