From Trash to Treasure

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As they say "One man's trash is another man's treasure". With the craft projects presented here, you can find out how to recycle creatively and turn your trash into treasure.

Chicken made from Eggshells

"What Came First?" by Kyle Bean shows that nothing should ever go to trash. 

Chicken made from eggshells.

Tribute to Michael Jackson, Cassette tape on Canvas

Erika Iris Simmons specializes in using non-traditional media, like cassettes to create absolutely unique and memorable works that feature famous people like Michael Jackson.

Tribute to Michael Jackson, cassette tape on canvas.

New life for Old Vinyls

Photos from

Old Vinyls.

CD Necklace

This is a pretty crazy project. Don't do it at home!
Inna from nuked CDs in the microwave for 5 seconds, then cut them with scissors into equal sized pieces, then drilled holes with the dremel tool, and baked them in my oven at 400 degrees until they started to soften. CDs go from the iridescence to this wild blue color when they melt. 

CD Necklace.

3-D Cardboard Star

Unbelievable, but this star is actually made from empty box of cereal. Via

Room Dividers made of Water Bottles 

Not sure if I like the look of it, but it's definitely a creative use of water bottles. Fittingly, this transparent room screen was created by Klein Dytham Architecture for the Danone company, which manufactures Evian and Volvic bottled water.

Wall of Water Bottles.

Lamp from old Plastic Spoons

DIY Spoon Lamp by guiademanualidades. Made with about 200 upcycled plastic spoons and an electric light kit.

Spoon Lamp.

... or bend metal spoons to hold tea lights!

Tea light from plastic spoons

More Original Lamps

Made of pop-tops of soda cans via Pinterest.

Lamp made of pop-tops of soda cans.

Lamp made of made from pop tops off her diet coke.

Seats from Old Tires

Interesting seating made from old tires painted and given some padding via Itsy bits and pieces.

Seating made from old tires.

Swinging Chair from old Grain Silo

Photo from Pickers Sisters. How cool is this?

Swinging chair from a grain silo.

Recycled Light Bulbs

I am surprised how pretty these light bulbs look. What do you think? Photo from

Recycled light bulbs.

What are your most interesting Trash-to-Treasure projects?

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