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I have always been fascinated by the works of art made with natural elements - masterpieces out of ordinary things around us. Rock Art is one of the most unusual, and yet – so natural and elegant, and puts me at “Ow” every time I come across something brilliant in its simplicity, and every time I think to myself – how come I didn’t come up with something like that? Well, thanks to... Read more
Faux Chenille is a unique technique that allows you to create absolutely amazing patterns with velvety texture . It's truly a fabric art. You don’t see it being used much. Why you ask? Because Faux Chenille is super TIME CONSUMING!

I was really puzzled by the look of the velvety blankets, jackets and huge quilts when I first came across Faux Chenille at a crafts show showcasing quilters from Russia... Read more
Finally as a society we have recognized that we are consuming in non-sustainable way. It’s been too much for too long, but hopefully – it’s not too late to change habits and help our environment .

Looking back I realize what a tiny footprint my parents and grandparents have left on this planet! They reused and recycled everything they possible could.

My father was able to repaire any household... Read more
I don't know when exactly (or why) clothes with holes became edgy and fashionable.

I still remember the time when I had to patch a ripped hole in my clothes. Now, it's not something people do regularly. Some even add more holes to their clothes on purpose.

These denim shorts don't leave much to imagination.
I found them with 53 likes on a titled " Where to get these... Read more
In the childhood everybody has a favorite toy .

As a kid, you find wonder in everything; and every toy is special: dolls, teddy bears, stuffed animals, little accessories, tiny beads, dried flowers – you name it!

For many of the girls, our favorite toys were dolls, all kinds of dolls - big and small, new and old, with real dresses and painted faces, brushable hair or with no hair.

I had my favorite... Read more
Men often think that ladies expect red roses, fancy chocolates or expensive jewelry on Valentine's Day. I think that's because retailers plaster so many ads all over the place giving them this idea. In fact, I've heard from some men that they belive Valentine's Day was invented by store owners to ensure people spend some money after Christmas shopping is over.

Unfortunately, Valentine's... Read more
As a knitter myself, I am always curious to see what other knitters and crocheters are up to.
There is so much talent out there, that I never stop being amazed at the creativity and the patience that knitters demonstrate.

Do a search on Google for "knitted creations" and you will find everything from knitted Ferrari, made by 22 year old art student from London, UK ( see video on YouTube ) to a knitted... Read more
Buying Valentine Day presents is challenging, regardless who you are buying them for. Though buying presents for men I find especially difficult. I think buying handmade items will make your present, at least, unique, but if your man is into gadgets and sports, he probably won’t appreciate staffed animals or handmade hearts, right? Even though that’s probably what you find cute and romantic. So what... Read more
Who knew that mushrooms could be beautiful. Well, they can! While browsing today, I stumbled upon one blog with the most amazing pictures of mushrooms . Have you ever seen pink or purple mushrooms? Have a look at the images below. I love those vibrant colors and unusual shapes. I could almost picture those mushrooms in a vase, instead of flowers.

I've searched for mushrooms on iCraft and found a few amazing... Read more
I love browsing through Creator Exhibits here on iCraft. That’s how I usually find inspiration for my work. You can find all kinds of things from absolutely stunning jewelry pieces to adorable baby hats to practical pillowcases . Below is my collection of absolute favourites on iCraft.

Maybe it's just me, but there is something magical about this item. I've seen this dragonfly on... Read more
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