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As a knitter myself, I am always curious to see what other knitters and crocheters are up to.
There is so much talent out there, that I never stop being amazed at the creativity and the patience that knitters demonstrate.

Do a search on Google for "knitted creations" and you will find everything from knitted Ferrari, made by 22 year old art student from London, UK (see video on YouTube) to a knitted replica of the village of Mersham made by ladies in Kent, UK. It took 10 months to make a knitted Ferrari and over a 23-years to make replica of the village! Amazing! That's what I call a Knitted Art.

Knitted Village by ladies from England.

(image credit: www.bbc.co.uk)

A few searches on iCraft reveal knitted Cupcake Cotton Hat and other novelties.

Knitted Cupcake Cotton Hat by Boston Beanies.

Sterling Silver Crochet Hoops - Brown & Blue. This product really inspired me! So simple and elegant at the same time.

Sterling Silver Crochet Hoops.

Crocheted Cozies (for MP3, iPods, Cell Phones, etc.)

Knitted Cozy for MP3, iPods, Cell Phones. Crocheted Cozy for iPod touch, iPhone and classic.  

By contrast, here is a very beautiful and traditional hand-knitted, and felted Tea Cozy.

2 Cup Handknitted and Felted Tea Cosy.

I found that we have the best collection of hand-knitted hats on iCraft. If I was looking for a hat, I'd have hard time choosing from so many amazing products. They are all great in their own way.

Here are my favourites:

Hand-knitted Miss Piggy Tails Hat by knitgirly. I can only imagine how adorable this hat would be on a little girl.
Too bad there are no more products from this knitter. I'd love to see what else she has in her store. I am sure all her creations are amazing.

Hand-knitted Miss Piggy Tails Hat.

 Pick your Fruit! :)
Knitted Fruit Hats by L A Originals.

And of course, I had to mention absolutely amazing hats by CiteFuzz. It's impossible to choose one hat that is better than the other. They are all wonderful. If you haven't visited her store, you have to do that now. You won't be disappointed.

Knitted Hats by CiteFuzz.

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Jun 19, 2022 | backyard joules

Iíve never blogged before nor have I ever considered blogging
Let alone selling online, with that being said, I think your blog is lovely, exceptionally generous, a quality I admire, I held a smile on my face throughout the blog only to have it increase when coming across the little oneís, absolutely adorable, I found inspiration so Iím going to have a look at other blogs. 😀😃😄😁😉👋🏻

Feb 16, 2010 | Fairy Cardmaker

Nice finds! CiteFuzz always has such great photos. The littl'uns are looking RIGHT at you saying, "You think this hat is cute, don't you. You want it. You know it." (hee hee!)

Feb 16, 2010 | Posted by: PillowThrowDecor

I just love the knitted tea cozy! Gotta have that Miss piggy hat... Oh and the fruit hats too.t What a fantastic collection of hats!

Thanks so much for curating such a terrific collection!

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