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I have always been fascinated by the works of art made with natural elements - masterpieces out of ordinary things around us. Rock Art is one of the most unusual, and yet – so natural and elegant, and puts me at “Ow” every time I come across something brilliant in its simplicity, and every time I think to myself – how come I didn’t come up with something like that? Well, thanks to... Read more
Faux Chenille is a unique technique that allows you to create absolutely amazing patterns with velvety texture . It's truly a fabric art. You don’t see it being used much. Why you ask? Because Faux Chenille is super TIME CONSUMING!

I was really puzzled by the look of the velvety blankets, jackets and huge quilts when I first came across Faux Chenille at a crafts show showcasing quilters from Russia... Read more
In the childhood everybody has a favorite toy .

As a kid, you find wonder in everything; and every toy is special: dolls, teddy bears, stuffed animals, little accessories, tiny beads, dried flowers – you name it!

For many of the girls, our favorite toys were dolls, all kinds of dolls - big and small, new and old, with real dresses and painted faces, brushable hair or with no hair.

I had my favorite... Read more
As a knitter myself, I am always curious to see what other knitters and crocheters are up to.
There is so much talent out there, that I never stop being amazed at the creativity and the patience that knitters demonstrate.

Do a search on Google for "knitted creations" and you will find everything from knitted Ferrari, made by 22 year old art student from London, UK ( see video on YouTube ) to a knitted... Read more
Who knew that mushrooms could be beautiful. Well, they can! While browsing today, I stumbled upon one blog with the most amazing pictures of mushrooms . Have you ever seen pink or purple mushrooms? Have a look at the images below. I love those vibrant colors and unusual shapes. I could almost picture those mushrooms in a vase, instead of flowers.

I've searched for mushrooms on iCraft and found a few amazing... Read more
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