Mushrooms can be beautiful

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Who knew that mushrooms could be beautiful. Well, they can! While browsing today, I stumbled upon one blog with the most amazing pictures of mushrooms. Have you ever seen pink or purple mushrooms? Have a look at the images below. I love those vibrant colors and unusual shapes. I could almost picture those mushrooms in a vase, instead of flowers.
Pink MushroomsPurple Mushroom

Red Mushrooms

I've searched for mushrooms on iCraft and found a few amazing products. 
Shabby chic wood mushrooms from Mushroom Delight are truly delightful. They'd make for a great gift for your friends, who love decorating.

Red Mushroom Pair Figurines.Shabby Chic Mushrooms Figurines.

You can also find mushroom-inspired jewellery, like "Retro Collection- Red Pink and White Mushroom Studs Earrings" from VeryVintage or "Purple Mushroom Hemp Necklace" from RanaMuck. Some people are just blessed with good imagination. :)

Retro Collection- Red Pink and White Mushroom Studs Earrings.  Purple Mushroom Hemp Necklace.

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Jun 24, 2011 | Posted by: LI

Mushrooms are one of the most underestimated forms of life, yet from the single-celled microbes, to the giant puffballs, mushrooms are incredible and beautiful works of art among nature's incredibly diverse gallery.

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