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The role you play as a consumer of the fashion industry is critical for the healthy future of our planet, and ourselves. Do you know how many toxic chemicals are leached into the environment from the fashion & textile industry? Take a look at this video from Greenpeace.

Governments can create laws around environmental issues, but nothing will have a greater, faster and more sustainable impact than... Read more
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Scarborough, ON, Canada

I have had a Bohemith Roller Coster ride of life so far, but I see the value in the journey. It has brought me to today -I am that I am: a forty something single mom of 3 amazing daughters, and 1 incredible grandson! I love living and I love nature. This earth of ours is magical and beautiful, let's work together to keep it that way. I will always advocate for good & simple causes. I am not afraid of controversy, I am not easily swayed, I am not afraid of having an opinion. I am passionate, loyal and tenacious. I was once told that I am "... more radical than I look" . And this is what I do ... ReFuse Clothing - Wearable Art - One of a Kind Upcycled Fashions Artist: Stained Glass, Acrylic, Fabric, Mixed Recycled Media Photographer: Conceptual, Portraits, Animals - Pets & Wildlife, Fine Art, Whimsy Poetry/Musings: Quirky, down to earth, raw & uncensored, Real Life, Real Emotion, Real Passion Friend/Mentor/Problem Solver: Loyal, hardworking, able to think linear & latteral simultaneously, connected with Nature & the Universe (It's easier than you think), Solves problems big & small with advice or action, always willing to lend a helping hand. Inspired by: Margaret Atwood, William Shakespeare, Al Purdy, Picasso, Warhol, Marpo, SJPrebble, Cesar Millan, Cathy, My Mom, Kevin & Rob, the girls, pawprints, snow angels, raindrops, and seeing your breath. David Jones, Pete Tosh and B. Marley, Floyd and Sid B, Lou Reed .... lyrical magicians - i would not be all that i am without you. Today, tomorrow and forever: Katlynn, Zoe & Mackenzie <3

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