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We are living in unprecedented and stressful times, and the worst thing is that this situation doesn’t have a definite end – this is not business as usual! So if you are having hard times right now, you are not alone.

You are also a part of our iCraft community and we were wondering how we could support our community members more during these tough times.

If you are worried about the impact of the... Read more
As we are entering the first day of the New Year, we look to the future with so much excitement!
Our iCraft community is growing stronger, expanding internationally and adding more and more unique handcrafted items. We are making progress on the new platform development, setting up new marketplaces and working on new pilot projects to help sellers with marketing. (I'll provide more details about that in a... Read more
Christmas is here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year to spend with your family and friends.

We just wanted to send all good wishes your way.
Wishing you lots of love, laughter and health. Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your iCraft Team Read more
We now offer addition service through partnership with Hover, a leading domain name registration provider.

You can get a FREE .store domain extension for the first year and 50% off on other domain extensions, like .com, .art, .design, .shop, .ca, . boutique, .cards, .clothing, .co, .fashion, .furniture, .gallery, .games, .gift, .gifts, .golf, .group, .guide, .jewelry, .moda, .one, .online, .party, .photo,... Read more
Marta Raptis from Ajax, Ontario, is the creator of DelightfulSuds, iCraft store specializing in beautiful handmade soap made with natural oils . Please tell us a bit about yourself
I am a natural soap crafter from Southern Ontario, Canada.
I love to express myself through various forms of art, such as creating special soaps that are healthy for the skin, making hand made jewellery, photography and... Read more
Picturesque setting of Langley, BC, featured in a lot of hit TV shows, like Supernatural, Smallville & The Vampire Diaries, provide Debra from designsbydebra with a lot of inspiration for her jewelry design.

She works mostly with semi-precious stone beads, as well as raw stones to create simple, but beautiful jewelry pieces that everyone can afford .

She says: "My designs are fairly simple and I... Read more
For me, Christmas is the most magical and beautiful time of the year, - says Elena Brakhnova, also known here on iCraft as Craft Boutique .

I am one of those people who start planning for Christmas and even start buying presents for my family months in advance.

Growing up in Russia, we didn't get many present at Christmas, well, New Year's actually. Even now, Christmas is not much celebrated in... Read more
John Bath and his wife Carol decided to settle in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, after he lost his job in Toronto. Wasaga Beach is a popular tourist destination with white sandy beach and hiking trails, seemed like a perfect place to retire.

John started making mailboxes after his wife told him one day that his next door neighbour was making a mailbox. She asked him if he could make one for their home.

John said... Read more
Carolyn Pham from Qute Wear is fun, friendly and up-beat. She is often juggling two or more jobs and trying to grow her online crafting business, which can be a full time job on its own.

Carolyn is one of the top sellers on our site, so we wanted to learn more about her and her crafting business. Since starting her business 4-5 years ago, she sold over 3000 handmade fleece hats that she designed and... Read more
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