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Marta Raptis from Delightful Suds, Ajax, Ontario.Marta Raptis from Ajax, Ontario, is the creator of DelightfulSuds, iCraft store specializing in beautiful handmade soap made with natural oils.

Please tell us a bit about yourself

I am a natural soap crafter from Southern Ontario, Canada.
I love to express myself through various forms of art, such as creating special soaps that are healthy for the skin, making hand made jewellery, photography and interior decorating.

My passion for all things natural started with my own sensitive skin. I believe we should all strive for general good health, which includes washing yourself with chemical-free products.

When did you start making soap?

I started making soaps a few months ago at the end of 2011. I quickly fell in love with the process, but most of all with the end result. After testing the finished product myself, I swore I would never buy generic "soap" from the store again. After having done some research on handmade as opposed to commercial soap, I discovered that the bars in stores are not legally allowed to be called soap because they aren't really soap.

They are in fact full of detergents and chemical additives, which dry out your skin and cause irritations. That is why if you look around, you will notice that most of them will use terms like "beauty bar", "body bar", etc.

My handmade soap is a cleanser made with natural simple ingredients that are good for your skin. I combine vegetable based oils with lye and water, resulting reaction creates soap and glycerin. Soap cleanses the skin while glycerin moisturizes it. I also make my soaps unique by creatively adding scented essential oils and herbs to create a great variety of choices. 

Marta Raptis from DelightfulSuds with her dog.

Why is it important to you to use natural oils?

Natural oils are very gentle on the skin and can greatly improve overall skin condition. Many skin irritations, such as itchiness, flaking and redness are a result of dry skin. In commercial soap making process, the naturally created glycerine from combining oils with lye and water is removed from the soap and sold to other companies, who in turn create more expensive products, such as anti-wrinkle face creams and lotions. Pure soap made with natural oils retains that so good for your skin glycerin. Therefore, using natural oils in soap ensures a high moisture content, making it safe to use on all skin types, even babies. Natural soap gently unclogs pores for a deeper cleanse, which helps with acne breakouts. It can actually accelerate skin's natural healing properties making scars and stretch marks less visible over time, and even helping with eczema.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration often comes from reading health books and magazines. I frequently study and research the effects of natural ingredients and what combing them does to a finished product. I've always been interested in preserving good health as well as taking part in promoting a better environment. I also find nature to be very inspiring.

What do you do when you are not creating soap?

When I'm not creating soap, I play with photography. I love taking my camera, going out and taking great photos. I take photos of all my soaps myself. I also make fashion jewellery, which I've been selling at craft shows. My jewellery will be seen for sale on iCraft soon!

What does handmade mean to you?

Handmade to me means unique and special. It means knowing exactly what goes into a product and what effects it has. It means that someone took the time to create something one of a kind and that it involved passion and love.

Do you own many handmade items?

Yes, I love the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into handmade items made to stand out. Whenever I travel, I like to get a piece of handmade souvenir from the locals of my travel destinations. They each add something special to the rooms of my house.

What do you think of selling online vs. selling offline?

Selling online is a bit of a challenge because customers can only view the picture of a product and read the description, which sometimes doesn't do it justice. Selling online is a little bit different in that a person can pick a product right up in their hands and see it in all its glory. Especially with soap, it's nice to be able to let customers pick it up and smell the beautiful aroma, which often is the biggest seller!

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of selling online?

I would say, make the best of your photos and use as much description as possible. Since there is a lack of touch, smell and feel in online selling, it is important to describe in detail what your product does, etc.

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Sep 24, 2012 | Delightful Suds

Sorry Omkar, but I'm not clear on your comment....also isn't it Monday? lol :)

Sep 24, 2012 | Posted by: Omkar

Why in the heck is it so expensive then???!! Seriously, if it only takes 1" of soap that's just crazy! I'm deetinifly going to try this, I have a few empty foaming bottles my daughter likes to play with. Thanks!Oh and thanks for dropping by our cafe hop today. I'm here to follow you back :)Happy Thursday!

Aug 16, 2012 | Bomb La Bon Bon

I also agree with the ladies,

That is not even soap, its a " beauty bar" right

There is nothing " beatiful" about all the chemicals that are in them

Jul 9, 2012 | Posted by: James

Wow, I never new that about those big soap companies!!
My wife is really into organic stuff, I have to get some of this her. Your products look so interesting and artistic. She will love this, I'm sure.

Caring people like you make this world a better place, I wish more companies would follow your example.

Jul 8, 2012 | Delightful Suds

Thank you all for the nice compliments!!

Jul 8, 2012 | Posted by: Mirek

Marta your soap is just what I was looking for all my life,
not only ladies have problem with skin, I was using different brands and none of them were right, so thank you for inventing such great product.
All the best.

Jul 8, 2012 | Posted by: Maryla

I love your soap, now my skin is silky after using it no more dry skin. thank you and good luck to you Marta.

I agree with your opinion Sarah about the photo:)

Jul 7, 2012 | SarahMars

I totally agree with you about commercial soaps. I got an allergic reaction a couple of years ago to one kind of soap and had to switch to a different kind of soap that didn't irritate my skin. Love your beautiful soaps! And great job, considering you just started out recently. Good luck to you!

Oh, and that photo of you and your dog is just adorable! :)

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