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Tis the season to be thinking of gifting! We rounded up our 5 favourite handmade gift ideas from iCraft to gift her for the holiday season.

1. Handmade Purse:

This handmade purse makes a great gift ideas as it is a piece that fits with anyones style and can be used it forever as it is made of a high quality camel leather keeping it a classic piece. The size is also perfect, it can fit everything you need for... Read more
The holidays are coming and it is best to be prepared in advance so the already stressful holiday season goes as smoothly as possible in your shop and you can focus on enjoy the season and the sales!! We compiled a list of our top 5 tips to be sure your store is ready to take on the holidays in stride below.

1. Prepare Customer Service Responses:

More sales = More customer service.

The customer service load... Read more
In preparation for the holiday season we compiled a list of this years top holiday trends so if you are looking to expand your holiday product line or need a little more inspiration, look no further than reading on below!

From iCraft seller Hyp Bags


It’s no secret that we need to be more conscious of our effects on the environment so sustainability is not only a trend but something to... Read more
Saying goodbye to warm weather, long days, and afternoon BBQs is hard.

Transitioning to fall wardrobes and decor can seem like such a pain after kicking back all summer. But lucky you, because iCraft is here to help ease the adjustment. We have done a round up of some of our must have autumn items for the whole family.

Colder morning calls for warmer coffees. These Coffee To-Go Cozy are beautifully... Read more
In our next instalment of our Meet the Maker series which highlights iCrafter makers we talked with Amanda from Amanda Jain Designs ! Check out here shop here and read more about her journey as a crafter and her best tips for other crafters!

Can you give us a summary of your business and what your role is?

My name is Amanda Jain and I’m the owner and creator of Amanda Jain Designs. I am a crafter and... Read more
For this instalment of our Meet the Maker series we talked to Virginia who runs the iCraft shop Jewelry By Virginia . Virginia makes stunning handmade jewelry pieces, to learn more about her journey as a crafter read our interview with her below.

Can you give us a quick summary of your business and what your role is?

I sell handmade fine jewelry. I am the designer, creator, marketer and all-around... Read more
Can you give us a quick summary of your business and what your role is?

I sell handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and my main role in the process is mad scientist, dreaming up new concepts and techniques I want to explore and spending the nights after my toddler’s gone to sleep in my studio. I do everything from posting, listing, responding to customers, buying supplies and sometimes cutting... Read more
We talked to KlaraArt for our next installment of our iCraft Meet the Maker series! Klara makes handmade Ink Wash Paintings and is based in China. Learn more about her buisness below.

Can you give us a quick summary of what you do?

I'm an amateur painter.

I run a small business, supplying goods to supermarkets as my day job.
I love my day job because I can adjust my personal time so that I can paint... Read more
Hi iCraft family!

On the blog today we’re covering one of our newest stores Holey Plant Hangers who just joined iCraft at the end of July. The owner of this store is a self proclaimed “plant fiend” and they sure are living up to the title. Holey Plant Hangers is selling some of the most beautiful macrame plant hangers that I have ever seen. The hangers offered fit any style from... Read more
Fall is my favorite season of the year! I enjoy the beauty that this season brings to nature through the changing of its leaves. Sometimes I imagine that each leaf is doing its own unique dance with the help of a quiet breeze as they gently fall to the ground. The weather is much cooler bringing a sense of joy and excitement to decorate my home for the upcoming holidays and try out favorite recipes. It's been... Read more

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