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As the year winds down, we gear up for the holidays. We shop, cook, wrap presents, bake, host and attend holiday parties, work events, and decorate the inside and outside of our homes. December is always a whirlwind of activity. Through it all we find ourselves with paper cuts from wrapping presents, flour in our hair, last minute RSVPs that make you re-jig the dinner table setting. And the dreaded mall parking... Read more
If you have not yet heard of Pinterest it is time to join the craze! I understand some of the hesitation. I even thought, "Not another thing!" when I first heard about Pinterest. Well, the reality is that it is making a difference for my personal blog traffic and it is doing wonders for crafters who rely upon word of mouth or sites like to sell their products.

(An example of one of my... Read more
We are in the Thanksgiving mood around this house! Not only have we busted out the Christmas music, but we are head over heels into nature walks. The weather is constantly changing in North Carolina, but lately it has been mild enough to take walks with a light jacket. My two year old loves to pick up things along the way which sparked this simple but fun craft idea today.

We have several pine trees as well... Read more
Washing, bathing, showering or shampooing the dog - how many times a day do you have that bubbly bar or some other form of soap in your hands. Soap in all it many forms is an important part of everyday living. You may very well be a person who is seriously considering making your own soap some day or you may just be curious about how your favourite bar of sudsy actually came into being! Here is a short history... Read more
Shopping for someone else can be both easy and frustrating. There are times when you look at the colour or design of a sweater or other piece of clothing and know exactly that your mom or sister or best friend will loooove that! That’s an easy shopping & gift-giving experience.

When buying jewelry for someone, it can get a bit trickier. Not only are you deciding from thousands of designs, but also... Read more
April is a busy time for me, but I needed to produce some cards really quickly. I used a technique on this Special Someone card that is simple, fast and inexpensive, yet yields a very cohesive look. This card is perfect for Mother's Day or any special woman in your life (sister, significant other, best friend, etc.)! Even children can use this technique to make a pretty card for mom. Here's what you... Read more
Planning a wedding can be a very stressful event but there are some aspects of planning a wedding which can be a great deal of fun. Selecting wedding favors can be one of the aspects which can be fun.

Many brides and grooms may spend a great deal of time, energy and money planning on the location and the food for their wedding but they may not realize the wedding favors they give out can be a very important part... Read more
Everyone is online these days, it seems. Cursive print.. what's that? At least one modern beauty trend, though, is inspired by old-school communication. Here's a DIY tutorial that you don't want to miss.

Newspaper nails keep popping up on my Pinterest boards, so, always a sucker for cute nail-related ideas, I set out to try this one on for size. Time to take it back to typography!

It was so... Read more
Do It Yourself projects are meant to be creative ways to save money, do something yourself, and enjoy the satisfying feeling of creating something that you, or others, will appreciate.

Not particularly crafty? Not a problem!

This DIY challenge is one that does not involve painting, drawing, or stitching. It does, however, require some patience, at least according to my good friend Kimberlee C. of Bluebird... Read more
N urture Your Skin And Indulge Your Senses With Natural Ingredients

U sing Oils for aromatherapy beauty dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and perhaps even before that. This trend has continued throughout history and continues today. A number of commercial beauty products contain essential oils, but they also contain ingredients that I can’t pronounce and that I definitely... Read more

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