Pine Cone Turkey Craft for Kids

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pine cone turkey craft

We are in the Thanksgiving mood around this house!  Not only have we busted out the Christmas music, but we are head over heels into nature walks.  The weather is constantly changing in North Carolina, but lately it has been mild enough to take walks with a light jacket.  My two year old loves to pick up things along the way which sparked this simple but fun craft idea today. 

We have several pine trees as well as a few trees that are still maintaining their gorgeous leaves.  Davis started collecting the pine cones he found this afternoon and I started gathering what was left of the large colorful leaves (the ones that had not yet gone crispy).  I even managed to find a small red leaf perfect for the turkey's gobbler!

Here is our cute little turkey that took only a few minutes to assemble, but created lasting memories during the hour long nature walk we took.


materials needed

Materials Needed:

2 different sized pine cones

4 large colorful leaves that are not crispy (try to salvage the end stems)

1 small red leaf for the gobbler

hot glue gun and glue sticks

acorns for eyes if you would like (ours looked silly with them)


  1. Hot glue the smallest pine cone to the top of the larger pine cone to create a head.  Make sure to glue the end of the pine cone facing outwards (to create the illusion of a beak).
  2. Fold the small leaf over and hot glue it under where your pine cone’s “beak” is.
  3. Place the 4 larger leaves over each other fan-style so that at least two of the stems stick out and then hot glue them together.
  4. Place your fan of leaves on the back of the larger pine cone and fold underneath in order to create the illusion of turkey legs.  Hot glue this in place.
  5. Put your Pine Cone Turkey on display for everyone at Thanksgiving!

What are some of your favorite ways to craft for fall or Thanksgiving?

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