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Today my dear friend Audrey McClelland completed a segment on the Today Show talking about the upcoming fashion trends for 2013 . I love seeing predictions like these and watching how they quickly cross over to home decor and crafting in general. This year features bold colors, emerald green, metallics and more! I'm especially excited about the green factor since it is the school color for the high... Read more
Fall is finally here and I am so excited to finally turn my home into all things woodsy and leaf-like . I've been pulling out all of my autumn decor and sorting through what I want to use, recycle and upcycle. Keeping with the wood theme, I have tons of clothes pins that I used this summer for taking advantage of the warm days at the pool. That clothes line was a sanity saver and it is still paying off!... Read more
We have lived in our current home for about 12 years now. We fenced in the backyard when we moved in because we had a large dog that needed space to run, but had an issue with running towards the road. Sadly, the dog died just a few years later and we decided we would keep the fence. It was a smart decision because we now have children and a pool. It is nice to know we can play in the front yard without... Read more
I don't know about you, but we are always looking for ways to spruce up our home. The problem is, it can get quite expensive when you start adding up all of the costs. One thing we do is repurose our older items or thrift store finds in order to create something new and beautiful. Here are 5 ways you can repurpose in order to beautify your own home.

Picture Frames

We all have a few picture frames around... Read more
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