5 Ways to Repurpose to Decorate

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I don't know about you, but we are always looking for ways to spruce up our home.  The problem is, it can get quite expensive when you start adding up all of the costs.  One thing we do is repurose our older items or thrift store finds in order to create something new and beautiful.  Here are 5 ways you can repurpose in order to beautify your own home.

Picture Frames

We all have a few picture frames around our home.  You may even have a few that are unused because they are either old or not the right color for your decor.  Instead of throwing them out or allowing them to collect dust in your attic why not find a new use or update them?  It can be simple to spruce up frames with a fresh coat of paint.  There are also some fun DIY tutorials online on how to do faux finishes that are simple.  How about using your old frame as a "window frame" for outdoor decor?  Just pop out the glass portion.

Mason Jars

Did you abandon the idea of canning?  Or maybe you are like me and needed only a few mason jars but they were cheaper to purchase them in a flat.  Well, you can turn your mason jars into beautiful outdoor lighting by attaching wire and stringing outdoor lights in them.  Simply string your lights, hang the mason jars and stuff the lights inside.

Old Buttons

My mother used to have this metal tin full to the brim with buttons!  We would use them for just about everything.  If you have miscellaneous buttons hanging around why not use them to create your own masterpiece?  Maybe spell out your families last name or initials.  Just hot glue them down on a piece of wood or foam board and frame it.  Don't worry about the buttons matching.  Sometimes it is fun to have a little color and excitement!

Old Magazines

I love the Real Simple magazine for all of the handy ideas they have.  But, most of all, it is a beautiful magazine.  I subscirbe every year and the stack ends up piling up.  Instead of tossing them all out it can be fun to find beautiful pictures and decoupage them onto other items.  Another use is to cut them into fun shapes and gather them up for a funky wreath.  Just add a ribbon to the top.

Old Light Fixtures

I have seen some really great ideas for old light fixtures lately.  My favorite is to use one that is shaped like a bowl, turn it upside down and use it as a bird feeder.  Just fill the bottom with silicon caulk in order to seal the hole.  You will want to let it sit overnight before filling with water.  This would look beautiful nestled among brightly colored flowers in the spring and summer.

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