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N urture Your Skin And Indulge Your Senses With Natural Ingredients

U sing Oils for aromatherapy beauty dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and perhaps even before that. This trend has continued throughout history and continues today. A number of commercial beauty products contain essential oils, but they also contain ingredients that I can’t pronounce and that I definitely... Read more
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Musings of an Aromatherapist (aka Making Scents )
Val d'Or, QC, Canada

I started making my own natural skin care products when I became an aromatherapist and discovered the magic of nature. This blog is all about using oil as beauty treatments. Have A Great Story or Suggestion About Using Essential Oils in your Beauty Regimen? If you use essential oils for beauty, acne, skin care, hair care, etc.,I would love to hear from you! Tell me the oils or blends that you use and how they benefit you. We learn from each other, so I look forward to hearing from you! We learn by sharing, so I invite you to share your favorite essential oil beauty recipes. Thanks in advance!

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