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Could you use a Belle Ami? (a beautiful friend, that is) to help you expand your wardrobe. Its a jewellery accessory that will always be there for you when you need it.

At JaJeJems we have been working on developing just such a beautiful friend to add to our 2013 fall collection . We have been thinking about the concept for quite a while, trying to put together a product that would be pretty, practical... Read more
Once again its that time of year for gift wrapping and gift giving. How many times have you heard people say "good things come in small packages" !

Well here is an idea that I have been using for many years to make little packages for wrapping tiny gifts .

All you need is some greeting cards (used ones work just fine), a ruler, a pencil and some scissors. Almost all greeting cards are... Read more
I don't know about where you live, but in Eastern Ontario we have been enjoying a lovely Indian Summer. The definition of Indian Summer is a hot spell after a killing frost. It usually occurs between the end of September and the middle of November with temperatures in the 20 C range. Well that is what we are experiencing right now and we are loving it! Today it was lunch on the porch and an afternoon of... Read more
Washing, bathing, showering or shampooing the dog - how many times a day do you have that bubbly bar or some other form of soap in your hands. Soap in all it many forms is an important part of everyday living. You may very well be a person who is seriously considering making your own soap some day or you may just be curious about how your favourite bar of sudsy actually came into being! Here is a short history... Read more
I am in possession of a lovely handmade greeting card made by Lisa Topps. Lisa has an online store on iCraft called The Fairy Cardmaker and thanks to Lisa's generosity I won my card as a prize in a recent iCraft contest . My card is a birthday card and I have someone very special in mind to give it to in the near future. Like all of the cards that Lisa makes it has been hand pieced and hand stamped using... Read more
Natural Seaglass is found along the shorelines of salt and fresh waterways in countries all over the world. It is anthropogenic (from human sources) glass that is physically and chemically weathered. Salt water bodies produce seaglass that is frosty and smooth. Glass found on the beaches in inland waterways is called beach glass . It is typically less weathered looking than seaglass because of the lack of... Read more
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JaJeJems (aka JaJeJems )
York Harbour, NL, Canada

Janis and Jessica are a mother daughter team who make truly unique and inspired pieces of jewellery, specializing in seaglass jewellery and lampwork artisan beads.

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