Selling Online

This blog post is for all the iCrafters who ever entertained the idea of joining Sellers' Bootcamp, a Marketing Program for iCraft Sellers .

The night before bootcamp started, I was excited and couldn't sleep, wondering what have I gotten myself into?

The first assignment was to critique each store one at a time. There were six of us. During the first three stores, I started to apply all that I was... Read more
The Blogging Myth
It's So Easy, Anyone Can Do It
Writing a successful blog isn't a walk in the park. There are different ways to measure success, but if your main purpose is to increase the visibility of your work on iCraft, you want good levels of traffic, readers, followers and fans.

Perhaps you've read somewhere that starting a blog will help your store, and you're thinking all you... Read more
The new Google Social Search affects more than just web results.

Check in on Foursquare, pin or plus one a page, blog, tweet, snap a photo via instagram or share a status update via Facebook. These are just a few of the ways that a person- and a business- can communicate with consumers in 2012.

Of course, the most basic resource for spreading the word about your business has long remained the yellow pages of... Read more
Hello Everyone,

I am glad to present you my first online jewelry store and my first collection “Perfect Round Shapes”.

I started to do jewelry about a year ago, and as you see it already looks pretty good. :)

Actually I thought that I can not do anything with my hands, but I was wrong. I am really thankful to my friend, who introduced me to this kind of craft.

The first time I went to the... Read more
Hi ... Keith here from iCraft Admin - just a quick note on something that occurred to me on my way home this evening. It relates to what we hope never to do here.

I counted 11 "no" signs on my way home from my subway stop to my apartment on the 30th floor. Things like "no posting", "no parking", "no loitering", "no ball playing", "no walking dogs",... Read more
To take your online marketing up a notch, you can easily create product videos and post them in strategic places. They are fun to make and fun to watch!

First, take good, clear photos of your product - take quite a few of each product so you have different angles to show.

Then find a photo video application. There are all kinds of video sharing and photo slide show utilities online for small businesses... Read more
Have you noticed that little animated message that some Creators have on their Exhibit page? It's the Exhibit Announcement feature and we all have one. If you weren't around when it went live on June 2009, you might be wondering how it works.

It's a little Flash-based animation that fades in to display a short 140 character message to your customers. You can use it in several ways. For example,... Read more
Isn't that just like a woman? When times are tough, ladies buy earrings! At least I'm hopin '. Well, really, they are.

With the general economy less robust as it was several years ago, I made a decision to stock GalleriaLinda's iCraft shop with $12.99 USD earrings.

The reason for this business strategy is to let all ladies have the opportunity to own beautiful handmade earrings without a high price.... Read more
The iCraft advertising widget is a quick and easy way to spread the word about your iCraft store. One of the nice features of the iCraft widget is its subtle, uncluttered design. With a plain white background and the small iCraft text, your product photos have nothing to compete with for the viewer's attention.

Let’s create a widget and customize it for your store. To go to the iCraft widget builder... Read more
Now that we have customized the iCraft widget with your store’s name and products, let’s examine the other options you have for customizing the widget. For this tutorial, we will create a widget that will fit into the narrow sidebar of a blog. This is a very common place for advertising widgets. Because these sidebars are usually narrow in width, we will need to make some more changes to the parameter... Read more

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