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Exhibit Announcement

Have you noticed that little animated message that some Creators have on their Exhibit page? It's the Exhibit Announcement feature and we all have one. If you weren't around when it went live on June 2009, you might be wondering how it works.

It's a little Flash-based animation that fades in to display a short 140 character message to your customers. You can use it in several ways. For example, you can tell your customers when you will be back from vacation or about your latest sale. If you don't have a special announcement, you can just display a tag line.

Links to some examples using the Exhibit Announcement as a tag line.

Ensorcelled Mind

Links to some Creators announcing current sales.


It's easy to set up your Exhibit Announcement in your profile area. Login and go to My Account – My Profile. Scroll down about two thirds of the page until you see Your Exhibit Announcement. Enter your message in the line provided (140 characters maximum). You will also need to use the drop-down controls (next line down) to set an expiration date for this message. If you don't set a date, the message does not display on your Exhibit page. If you are using a tag line and you want to display it continuously, just set the expiration date far into the future. If it's a sale announcement, set the expiration date for the end of your sale. Your sale announcement will automatically disappear when the sale is over. Click Update My Profile and you're done.

You can change your announcement as often as you wish. Those customers who subscribe to your Exhibit RSS well see your site announcements along with your product updates.

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Jun 4, 2012 | JaJeJems

Wow! I was wondering what to do when I go on vacation. thanks for pointing that out

May 27, 2010 | Posted by:

Thank you ever so much for pointing it out. I've been missing it!

Apr 11, 2010 | Posted by:

Hi GalleriaLinda,

Well, Flash cannot be read by search engines. It's like a locked box. But this feature is setup so that your message is included both inside and outside of the Flash box. If you look at the HTML code for your Exhibit page, you will see a line such as this.

param name='flashVars' value='a=Specializing in website design for small businesses, artists and WAHMs'/

Your message is what comes after the value=. Search engines can read this code. So, it may help a little with SEO.


Apr 10, 2010 | GalleriaLinda

Thanks for including my shop as an example! I love this feature and use it consistently. Does this help SEO too?