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Fairy Cardmaker , who makes wonderful, whimsical paper goods and cards, started a creative challenge for designs inspired by the "elements." The challenge is open to artists and crafters of any media.

Challenges are always incredible as they make you think outside the creative box and truly think about your designs in a deeper level. The challenge for the element Wind has been completed. We are now... Read more
Like a lot of handmade artists and designers (most?), GalleriaLinda's jewelry designs are not driven heavily by fad market trends.

Highly creative people are drawn to create their vision first; then everything else falls into place wherever it falls. We create from our hearts and our designs are a part of us. Handmade designs are not produced for a calculated market. That is what sets apart handmade... Read more
To take your online marketing up a notch, you can easily create product videos and post them in strategic places. They are fun to make and fun to watch!

First, take good, clear photos of your product - take quite a few of each product so you have different angles to show.

Then find a photo video application. There are all kinds of video sharing and photo slide show utilities online for small businesses... Read more
As I constantly try to upgrade my product photos, I am challenged as an amateur photographer! I have tried so many phases of backgrounds and staging for the jewelry product, it is not funny! With my point-and-shoot camera, I can only do so much, but believe that my photos have increased in value over the years. I have a Cannon A series camera that is the best value in the under $200 range. It has lots of manual... Read more
Isn't that just like a woman? When times are tough, ladies buy earrings! At least I'm hopin '. Well, really, they are.

With the general economy less robust as it was several years ago, I made a decision to stock GalleriaLinda's iCraft shop with $12.99 USD earrings.

The reason for this business strategy is to let all ladies have the opportunity to own beautiful handmade earrings without a high price.... Read more
There is a huge trend going on with jewelry design!

Creating and designing new jewelry with vintage components and beads of the past is seen everywhere in gorgeous vintage inspired designs. There is much value and nostalgia in using vintage components because they add so much flavor to designs of any style. The old saying "They don't make them like they used to," can truly relate to vintage jewelry... Read more
For sellers on, here is a thought about your advertising. Be sure that you offer a clear message that is readable and pleasant. Watch for clutter in your advertising!

I realized the other day that we are so bombarded by visual and audio stimulation that it can become overwhelming. Give your readers a mental break and afford them a pleasant rest with beautiful things to look at. It will be appreciated.... Read more
This is an update to my experiment of using Entrecard as a way to get blog traffic. You can see the original post on the IndieCEO Marketing blog .

Entrecard (EC) says they are "The Ultimate Networking Tool for Bloggers." EC is a way to gain readers and boost traffic to your blog by adding an Entrecard box to your own blog. What happens is that EC members will go to your blog and "drop"... Read more
How do you communicate with your customers? Email? IM ? Twitter? Social Networks? Snail mail? Phone? Print, Handwritten, Virtual?

Knowing your target customer's demographic is essential in planning your communications campaigns!

To grab your customer's attention, your messages need to be seen, so ensure that your customers are receiving communications in a way that they embrace. With so many... Read more
As online sellers, we have a love/hate relationship with our shipping process. On the one hand, we want our packages to happily wing their way in ecstasy to our wonderful customers.

On the other hand, we know that our package has to march through a threatening forest of dangers in order to reach the customer.

Due to volume, over-worked employees, and rush, shipping through the US shipping systems during the... Read more
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Linda Harrell (aka GalleriaLinda )
Lakeland, FL, US

Hi Everyone! I am a long-time independent marketing communications consultant for small businesses, a self-representing jewelry designer, and entrepreneur! GalleriaLinda is my jewelry business brand that includes contemporary handcrafted beaded and sterling wire jewelry, vintage jewelry, and handmade imported gemstone and sterling jewelry.

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