Shifting Your Handmade Design Point-of-View

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Like a lot of handmade artists and designers (most?), GalleriaLinda's jewelry designs are not driven heavily by fad market trends.

GalleriaLinda Handmade Beaded NecklaceHighly creative people are drawn to create their vision first; then everything else falls into place wherever it falls. We create from our hearts and our designs are a part of us. Handmade designs are not produced for a calculated market. That is what sets apart handmade artists and designers from the retail market planners.

GalleriaLinda’s design point of view does shift, but only slightly when the retail market trends make a significant change. Colors of the season and inspiration of themes for the year can be pondered.GalleriaLinda Handmade Beaded Necklace

For many years the only colors and patterns we saw in retail fashion were brown, black, animal print, and neutral color palettes to the point that I cried out for color. Granted, I am a "color babe," and can tolerate a little sophisticated neutral here and there, but need color.

Finally and thankfully, these last few years have brought back clear, saturated color into all things fashion. What a wonderful relief that is and I am in my element.

GalleriaLinda Handmade Beaded NecklaceAlong with this color splash is the trend for chunky and larger design elements, especially in Jewelry. I remember back in the 80s that this affection for larger beads and statement pieces were popular. This too puts GalleriaLinda in her element, as the jewelry designs created are colorful, unusual, and often made with large elements when found. Vintage pendants and elements are often used for this very reason.

Right now on my studio bench, I have two fabulous necklaces that will knock your socks off. I cannot wait to finish these large beaded contemporary necklaces to show you, so please check back at the GalleriaLinda's Jewery Studio to see. In the meantime, I have posted a couple of photos of new designs in gorgeous, glorious color with the season's “shifted” look! If these are not yet posted and you absolutely must know about them - email GalleriaLinda!

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