Can Bloggers Gain Blog Traffic with Entrecard?

Posted by: GalleriaLinda

This is an update to my experiment of using Entrecard as a way to get blog traffic. You can see the original post on the IndieCEO Marketing blog.

Entrecard (EC) says they are  "The Ultimate Networking Tool for Bloggers." EC is a way to gain readers and boost traffic to your blog by adding an Entrecard box to your own blog. What happens is that EC members will go to your blog and "drop" their card in the box (all digital, of course). Each drop your blog gets is a visit to your blog and gives you credit with EC to spend on advertising.

Likewise, in order to increase your visits, you should click on the blogs of others and drop your card as well. This works best if you are consistent and do this everyday. You are limited to 300 drops a day, which equals 300 blogs. I have not yet had enough time in my day to visit 300 blogs! But some days I do invest a little more time than others.

What is fun about this is that I have come to know several blogs in the art blogosphere that I really like and look forward to seeing future posts. You can find good blog design, interesting content, and I also look for interesting widgits for my own blog, as well as twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn links to follow. I know what my goals are and I have gained a lot.

Entrecard is like its own little country because it has its own economy system. No cash payments are needed so you are "putting in your time" as payment for the ability to "purchase" advertising for your own blog with EC credits.

I have been doing this for around 3 months now. I do like it but find that I need to work it consistently for it to work for me. It has definitely increased traffic to my blogs and I will continue using it.

Here are the Pros and Cons of Entrecard that I have found:

    * Free advertising that costs no money - just time and thought.
    * Fun - there are a variety of categories for artists and crafters to surf through - I found many interesting blogs
    * Networking - I have begun to see favorites and tend to comment there and receive comments back
    * A way to gain readers
    * A way to boost traffic
    * A way to gain followers to your blog
    * A way to have your blog promos seen, like your shop minis, twitter link, those kinds of things

    * Most traffic is just that - traffic - and not specifically readers - I am OK with that
    * Many will "hit and run" by going to your blog, dropping a card to get credits, and zoom out of the blog
    * It takes time - whether little or a lot is up to you and your schedule
    * You must participate consistently to gain benefit by spending a little time each day to drop your card

Given my expectations, I don't expect tons of readers and commenters. I don't mind the ones who "hit and run" because it boosts traffic numbers. I also have ProjectWonderful ads on my blogs and the increased traffic boosts the bids on the PW ad boxes.

Those that linger to read and comment are the jewels of the process. You can gain a great networking group long term if you stick with Entrecard and participate. It may take a while but that is what I am going for while I am building traffic. I have also added to my blog "followers" through this method.

I recommend that any blogger at least try this if you have a little time each day to drop cards on blogs. Know what you want to get out if it and stay true to those goals. You will see an increase in traffic numbers!

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