Less is More in Your Advertising

Posted by: GalleriaLinda Postcard AdvertisingFor sellers on, here is a thought about your advertising. Be sure that you offer a clear message that is readable and pleasant. Watch for clutter in your advertising!

I realized the other day that we are so bombarded by visual and audio stimulation that it can become overwhelming. Give your readers a mental break and afford them a pleasant rest with beautiful things to look at. It will be appreciated.

Today, advertisers are found in every corner of our lives to get their message to us - sometimes it is most annoying and their tactics can be self defeating. Don't be one of them.

As I thought about this, I was doing a graphic design for new postcards for GalleriaLinda. I tried the some of the popular design layouts by putting multiple jewelry designs on the card, then thumbnails on one side of a bigger photo, and it looked so cluttered. There was no clear message other than "Here! See EVERYTHING I have ever created!”

I learned early on in my design journey that white space speaks louder than clutter. The white space also makes you drill down to your core message and isn't that core message all that you want people to know?

I came up with “speechless advertising.” This is not a new concept, although I put my own name to it. Speechless advertising for my postcard utilized one strong photo and my web address. That is all. The idea is to peak interest and curiosity. If a visual is strong, simple, and uncluttered, curious people will go to the web site. From my web site, visitors are directed to GalleriaLinda's jewelry shop on!

When I look at these postcards, I breathe a sigh of relief. Relief felt from no annoying animation, pop-ups, voices, and all the other things that try to get our attention.

Less is more! Strip your message to its core essentials and try a minimalist approach to your advertising!

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