iCraft Advertising Widget Customizing For Your Store

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iCraft WidgetThe iCraft advertising widget is a quick and easy way to spread the word about your iCraft store. One of the nice features of the iCraft widget is its subtle, uncluttered design. With a plain white background and the small iCraft text, your product photos have nothing to compete with for the viewer's attention.

Let’s create a widget and customize it for your store. To go to the iCraft widget builder webpage, you can click on the “Get Widget!” text on any of the iCraft widgets or go to Promotional Flash Widget page. When you first land on the widget builder webpage, the widget displays with the default settings. These settings can be changed using the form at the left. For each change that you make, hit the Preview Widget button to update the HTML code to reflect your changes. In this tutorial, we will customize the default iCraft widget with your store’s name and product photos.

Title and Exhibit

The Title parameter says “My iCraftGifts.com Exhibit” by default. Why don’t we replace this with the actual name of your store.

The Exhibit parameter tells the widget to place product images from your store into the display box. We need to change the default setting to the code for your store. You will get this code from the end of your store’s URL. For example, if your URL was https://icraftgifts.com/soy_candles, you would use “soy_candles” for this parameter.

Rotating Images

This parameter tells the widget to rotate through the products in your store inventory. To display all the products in your store in one widget at the same time would give us a very large widget! By rotating through the product thumbnails, we can display all of your products in a small widget. Let's click on the box to turn on the Rotating Images.

Next, we will continue to customize your widget by changing some other parameters.

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