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So much of our mainstream culture comes from the entertainment sector, and there is no bigger entertainment related forum than Comic-Con .

Held towards the end of every July, it’s not just a convention – it’s a phenomenon. Begun in 1970, this San Diego-based comic fan convention has become THE place to showcase films, television shows, games, books, cartoons, collectibles, and comics. In... Read more
Ah summer!

It’s a good time to go out and enjoy the great outdoors . It is also a great time to relax at home, whether on the couch or on the patio. Or perhaps you have a cottage to visit, somewhere close to a lake, with the sounds of lapping water and children playing happily.

Where ever you chose to relax this summer, it is important to have home decorations that compliment both your style and the... Read more
Aromatic plants bestow
no spicy fragrance while they grow;
but crush'd or trodden to the ground,
diffuse their balmy sweets around.

~ Oliver Goldsmith

Relax with some calming tea - for your bath. Just drop of one a one of these tea bags and let the calming scents help all your stress fade away. Check out the other bath products from Salt of the Earth... Read more
March Break is rapidly approaching and it is the perfect time for families to venture out to sunny beaches, snowy slopes or on day trips in the area.

This year we have been blessed with a lot of snow. For active families who love to snowboard, ski or toboggan, iCraft sellers have many items that will keep your family warm on even the chilliest days. From the funkiest hat that will keep you styling to... Read more
Gift giving on a budget can be a tricky thing to master.

When economic times are tough, big ticket items are the first things cut out: cars, houses, vacations and recreation, etc. However, small ticket items can flourish: rental movies, low-cost toys, fashion accessories, home accents, etc. The reason people buy more of the little things is that people want to feel like they can still spoil themselves, even... Read more
Buying Valentine Day presents is challenging, regardless who you are buying them for. Though buying presents for men I find especially difficult. I think buying handmade items will make your present, at least, unique, but if your man is into gadgets and sports, he probably won’t appreciate staffed animals or handmade hearts, right? Even though that’s probably what you find cute and romantic. So what... Read more
Some time in December my friend invited me to a party/shopping event that was held at her friend’s studio, a fashion designer Zanesha Gowrali or Zan, as everybody calls her.

I’ve never been to an event like that, so I was intrigued. Party and shopping combined in one seemed like a perfect combination.

The place wasn’t far from me, near King and Bathurst in the old brick building. Zan and her... Read more
As the holidays are fast approaching, I urge you to spend wisely! Did you know that you can shop for yourself and help someone else at the same time? Several shops offer items where all or part of the proceeds go to charitable causes.

This lip balm and cozy is a collaboration of 3 artists, listed by Loopy4ewe ! 100% of the proceeds go to the 2010 Weekend to End Breast Cancer!

This Butterfly Felted Ball by Zs... Read more
I love browsing through Creator Exhibits here on iCraft. That’s how I usually find inspiration for my work. You can find all kinds of things from absolutely stunning jewelry pieces to adorable baby hats to practical pillowcases . Below is my collection of absolute favourites on iCraft.

Maybe it's just me, but there is something magical about this item. I've seen this dragonfly on... Read more
You know when you’re out shopping and you see some cute ring or bracelet and think to yourself, “hmmm… I could make that if I wanted to”. I don’t know about you, but in my life, one of two things happen. The most likely is that I don’t ever actually make it. The second is that if I do make some attempt, I quickly realize it takes a lot more time and effort than I... Read more

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