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Ah summer!

It’s a good time to go out and enjoy the great outdoors. It is also a great time to relax at home, whether on the couch or on the patio. Or perhaps you have a cottage to visit, somewhere close to a lake, with the sounds of lapping water and children playing happily.

Where ever you chose to relax this summer, it is important to have home decorations that compliment both your style and the season.

PillowThrowDecor has some wonderful pillows to bright any home, patio, cottage or beach house.

Beach pillow Long pillow Pocket pillow

Perfect for patio or beach house, these pillow will add fashion to your casual summer living space. $25.00 CAD each.

A long pillow, in bright summer colours, is great for a guest bedroom or snuggling with on the couch. CLEARANCE $18.00 CAD

With colours to compliment any summer home, this pillow has special pockets to hold your latest book, or the TV remote. $69.00 CAD

Naturally by Denise creates folksy art style items that will make your house like a cottage and your cottage like a home. 

Sweet home chair Gone fishing Nature mosaic

This delightful chair is made of alderwood, with a hand-carved and painted back made of pine. Imagine it on your summer porch. $195.00 CAD.

Yep, out on the lake with your rod and reel. May not catch anything more than some rays, but think of how relaxing that will be. $35.00 CAD

Bring the outdoors in with this lovely mosaic piece, which features sun, moon, stars, flowers, leaves & birds. Great for any room, patio or garden. $110.00 CAD

Some delightful home decor pieces by other iCraft artists:

Paper lamp Leaded glass panels Mailbox

Organically designed lamp brings natural shapes - like this leaf - and harmonizes any space. Beautiful and calming addition to your home. $129.00 CAD by Moodoo

Custom designed leaded glass panels will add a touch of elegance to any room. Imagine them at your cottage, giving it a folksy feel.$150.00 CAD sq. ft., by Looking Glass

Whether for your house or cottage, this handmade mailbox will charm your visitors and last for years.  $40.00 CAD by Mailboxman

 Finish it off wth some amazing art:

Stand By Me, acrylic painting Fickle Winds - silk 3D Poppy

Entitled "Stand By Me" this evocative acrylic on stretched canvas painting will brighten any home. $175.00 US by Fradetfineart

Painted on silk using french dyes and paints, this shows a sailing schooner on blue ocean waves being driven by "Fickle Winds." $375.00 US, by Mystic Silks

Enter the 3D age with this mixed media photography of  a "Poppy" created with photo paper and foam pieces. Already an art show winner. $75.00 CAD by Spotted Paw Creations

 Enjoy the summer, and enjoy a bright and cheerful home with one (or more) of these wonderful items.

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