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It's almost that time again: time for your favorite TV shows to return to resolve their cliffhangers, show fresh new episodes and introduce new storylines. It is also time for the various TV networks to try and hook you on one (or more) of the new shows they been putting together over the last several months. Finally, after a summer of reruns, the Fall TV season is about to begin! New this year... Read more
So much of our mainstream culture comes from the entertainment sector, and there is no bigger entertainment related forum than Comic-Con .

Held towards the end of every July, it’s not just a convention – it’s a phenomenon. Begun in 1970, this San Diego-based comic fan convention has become THE place to showcase films, television shows, games, books, cartoons, collectibles, and comics. In... Read more
In the last few months Charlie Sheen's fortunes have taken a dramatic turn, and while the jury is still out about whether this turn will be for the better or the worse, it has resulted in him being fired from his hit show Two and a Half Men , his acting out in strange and peculiar ways, and him becoming the brunt of many comedians` jokes.

If only he had been shopping on iCraft. Here are five ways, we could... Read more
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