School break time is here again

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March Break is rapidly approaching and it is the perfect time for families to venture out to sunny beaches, snowy slopes or on day trips in the area.

This year we have been blessed with a lot of snow. For active families who love to snowboard, ski or toboggan, iCraft sellers have many items that will keep your family warm on even the chilliest days. From the funkiest hat that will keep you styling to children’s outdoor sets  that will keep your kids while they build the biggest snowman on the block.

Black fox snowboarding hat Child's toque set

Some families can’t wait to get somewhere warmer for their vacation. This delightful blanket set will not only help your child sleep as you make your way south, it will remind them on the sun they are about to enjoy. 

Sunshine blanket set

Young girls will enjoy wearing this is light and fun pillowcase dress while their mothers can relax is this linen-cotton blend summer dress.

Girl's pillowcase dress Ladies summer casual dress

Getting away is not always on the agenda for March Break. This delightful bear will keep any child amused, while these items will help you relax after a long day of wrangling happy children.

Lou bear Honeydew massage oil

Whether your School Break adventure is means travelling by train, plane, some other mode of transportation,

Train card Airplane birthday card

 Chuck wagon bag

 or spending the time at home with your family, iCraft vendors have some great items for you to enjoy.

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