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I decided to set a materials challenge to help think about my craft from a new angle. The first material is brought to us by The Knitting Lady . She says she loves to knit and work with acrylics. My item was inspired by her crocheted doily . I think it’s the one in her banner and, boy, it is gorgeous!

I had some crochet string in my craft stash. I used to use it to make bookmarks from stencilled... Read more
(This is a free preiew of one of our films from The HANDS Series - Cavan Cabinetmakers DVD . Feedback appreciated)

The Robinson brothers, Tom-Joe, Charles and Michael from Milltown, Co. Cavan demonstrate superb craftsmanship in making a dining room furniture set in the 18th century Regency style. Using a lathe, Michael turns the backs of the chairs from a single piece of wood. Charles designs and cuts the... Read more
(This is a free preiew of one of our films from The HANDS Series - Belleek Potteries. Feedback appreciated)

This is an hour-long film, made to celebrate Beleek’s 150 year anniversary. It features the history and work of Belleek Potteries, o­ne of Ireland's best-loved companies. Using the native kaolin clay and feldspar (flint clay & shale), the craftspeople of Belleek have produced fine Parian... Read more
The void is the concept of space. In art, space is one of the design elements. It is there in the placement of items and patterns. In every visual item, there is a relationship between positive and negative space.

This is our final elemental challenge: to focus on the use of space within our pieces. I figured I would end the year with a bang. I made THREE things for this challenge but they all have one... Read more
(This is a free preiew of one of our films from The HANDS Series - A Dublin Candlemaker. Feedback appreciated)

William Rathborne and Co.Wax-chandlers, is the oldest company in Ireland, established in 1488. They follow an ancient tradition of making beeswax, wick-dipped church candles. They also produce household and other candles from paraffin wax using vertical frame molds. They also hand pour candles for... Read more
(This is a free preiew of one of our films from The HANDS Series - Irish Patchwork. Feedback appreciated)

Alex Meldrum from Co. Antrim introduces the range of traditional Irish patchworks as seen in collections from the Crafts Council of Ireland in Kilkenny. The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum collection is also shown. The film demonstrates the techniques, materials and methods used in the making of several... Read more
(This is a free preiew of one of our films from The HANDS Series - Wool Spinning . Feedback appreciated)

Starting with a traditional sheep fair we follow the Carr family of Kilcar, Co. Donegal shearing their sheep and spinning the wool. Plants are collected and used for dyeing the wool. Mrs. Carr spins on the Small or Flax wheel & knits a pair of socks for her husband from her own wool. We see Bessie... Read more
Fire. Red Hot. Energy. You would think so many things could be tied to this challenge: reds/oranges/yellows, the sun, flames, romantic red roses, red hearts, etc. Yet, I had so much trouble coming up with something. I am in a Halloween mood and I wanted to put a witch's cauldron over some flames but it didn't look the way it had in my mind. I could do red and white Christmas to get the red for fire,... Read more
Now, I have to admit, I love all shades of blue and blue-greens! Being Piscean, how can I not? I even like the look of sea glass. Sea glass looks like the deep blue depths have undone the workings of man to revert cut glass back to a more natural state.

My medium is paper. For the Water challenge of the 5 part Elements Creator challenge, didn't want to make another creature even though I do plan on... Read more
Fairy Cardmaker , who makes wonderful, whimsical paper goods and cards, started a creative challenge for designs inspired by the "elements." The challenge is open to artists and crafters of any media.

Challenges are always incredible as they make you think outside the creative box and truly think about your designs in a deeper level. The challenge for the element Wind has been completed. We are now... Read more

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