Elemental Challenge: Void - Looking through Windows

Posted by: Fairy Cardmaker

The void is the concept of space.  In art, space is one of the design elements.  It is there in the placement of items and patterns.  In every visual item, there is a relationship between positive and negative space.

This is our final elemental challenge: to focus on the use of space within our pieces.  I figured I would end the year with a bang.  I made THREE things for this challenge but they all have one common theme: windows.  I used the negative space of a cut out as my focal point in all three pieces!

In this first handmade card, I actually cut a window in the face of the card.  I put most of the design work on the inside of the card instead!  The paper quilled cat peers out the window from the inside of the card, dangling a litte paper quilled heart.  The full cat can be seen on the inside of the card with the sentiment.  I call this piece "Playing with my Heartstrings".

In my second handmade card, I cut the heart shape right out of the mug instead of layering a heart on top of it.  The patterned paper shows right through from the bottom layer.  It makes for a very "matchy matchy" design.  I call this one the "Love Mug".

Finally, I made some kitchen labels.  The words are cut out of the centre of the patterned circle and the plain cardstock below shines through for a stencil effect.  Let me tell you, making sure I didn't lose the insides of the A's, E's and O's, etc. was no small task!!  Here I thought I was being clever but it turned out to be MUCH harder than I thought!

That's my focus on space: the use of look-throughs in my art.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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Dec 22, 2010 | Denis

Wow! Love these! (especially the cut out on the first card). Tweeting immediately!!!

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Scrapninny (aka Fairy Cardmaker )
Mississauga, ON, Canada

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