Handmade Wood Crafts from Ireland

Posted by: David ShawSmith

(This is a free preiew of one of our films from The HANDS Series - Cavan Cabinetmakers DVD. Feedback appreciated) 

The Robinson brothers, Tom-Joe, Charles and Michael from Milltown, Co. Cavan demonstrate superb craftsmanship in making a dining room furniture set in the 18th century Regency style. Using a lathe, Michael turns the backs of the chairs from a single piece of wood. Charles designs and cuts the exquisite inlay work using a marquetry swing saw operated by a foot treadle that he built from a design in a Victorian book. The final touch is the polishing of the furniture using wax supplied by the brothers’ bees. Made in 1980.

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Apr 18, 2011 | Posted by: Denise Parker

Trying to get a message to Alex Meldrum, please can you provide a way to send something to her. Thank you kindly
Denise Parker

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