Belleek Potteries

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(This is a free preiew of one of our films from The HANDS Series - Belleek Potteries. Feedback appreciated)


This is an hour-long film, made to celebrate Beleek’s 150 year anniversary. It features the history and work of Belleek Potteries, o­ne of Ireland's best-loved companies. Using the native kaolin clay and feldspar (flint clay & shale), the craftspeople of Belleek have produced fine Parian china and Earthenware in Co. Fermanagh since 1857. We see the making of delicate floral baskets, figurines and decorative pieces in slip-cast Parian china, using skilled techniques such as fettling and modeling. The rich history of Belleek Potteries is seen in the museum examples shown in the film. Made in 1987.

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