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Twenty-two thousand square feet of cutting-edge unguents and elaborate treatments where no limb will ever go untanned, no lash unenhanced and no hair will escape being tweezed, dyed or lasered into submission.

That's "Beauty Bazaar" at Harvey Nichols, just opened in Liverpool, a hyper-grooming on a scale not many of us have seen. Would you try it? Or a better question, could you afford it? :)... Read more
Muscat annual Festival in Arab Emirates is happening in January-February 2013.
It's a celebration of Arabic style at the Muscat Fashion Week; a feast for the taste buds at the Oman Food Festival and a number of entertainment activities that will appeal to the whole family.

The Crafts Village in Muscat’s Qurum Natural Park in Dubai is displaying art from countries such as Yemen, Syria, Malaysia,... Read more
The days of bra burning have never seemed further away.

A survey conducted by a British women’s clothing store has deemed the push-up bra the best fashion invention of the century.

Jeans are also on this list, which must mean that a bra and jeans is the greatest outfit ever!

Image credit: Read more
The Olsen Twins have topped InStyle’s list of worst fashion offenders .

The ratty haired billionaires can’t seem to catch a break. Also on the list, the ever kooky Sharon Stone, walking train wreck Courtney Love, and the inexplicably hair-styled Amy Winehouse. Don’t they know it’s supposed to be good to be a celebrity?

Funny enough, a few years later "Vogue Crowed Olsen... Read more
You have to see these shoes to believe them. Super wedged, super high heels are apparently in style.

Since when did “in style” mean “we are trying to kill you?” Do the designers just want to laugh at us? I don’t get it but feel free to enlighten me.

Photo credit: Rhinestone And Flower Wedge Shoes on

See more Crazy Wedge Shoes on Google Search. Read more
It seems absolutely impossible, but apparently, Britney Spears plans to release a clothing line for Candie's . Perhaps it will feature her patented invisible shoes. Not to mention, her infamous invisible thongs. Yikes! Talk about toxic…

Would you wear cothes designed by Britney Spears? Read more
Christen Largent may have deeper roots in silver than she realizes. The metal smith and proud owner of the iCraft Exhibit, has a perfect last name for a creator whose line predominately features silver. L'argent is the French for "silver"!

Although no longwinded tales of toiling silversmith ancestors began our interview, Christen did explain her personal route... Read more
There are so many trends going on these days, it can be hard to keep track of what is actually "in". Sexy wedge heels are in, but so are slouchy hipster boots… Katie Holmes’ sassy bob gets a lot of “to-do” but so do Blake Lively’s long wavy locks. With all the contradictory trends going on, how does one define a trend these days? Trends are supposed to be temporary fashion... Read more
Two women, Mavis and Olga, are the masterminds behind ‘ knittles ’, a line of chic woolwear for everyone who wants to be both warm and fashionable, whether you are a child or a senior. After marrying brothers, Olga and Mavis got to know each other when the two couples shared a house for some time. “You do get to know someone after a while in a situation like that!”, Mavis explained.... Read more
Maria Kirk starting sewing clothes as a precocious five year old and has never stopped. After learning to sew from her grandmother, a seamstress who sewed doll and toy clothes for Mattel, Maria built on this passed down talent by continuing in a similar vein and began to hand-sew clothes for her Barbie dolls. Now, as an adult, Maria has fine-tuned this ability to create clothing, albeit in a slightly larger size!... Read more


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