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American artist Scott Blake is bringing pop icons to black and white life, using barcodes from their products to create cool images. One for Oprah, for instance, uses the barcodes from her book club picks to create an ode to the lady O.

Don't let someone scan one though... you probably don't want to buy hundreds of random Oprah book picks in one fell swoop. Read more
A Dutch designer figured out how to make build-your-own bikes possible, and left a ton of space for designing your own take on the finished product.

What's next, lunchbox airplanes? Read more
As if wakeboarding and light painting weren't equally impressive enough on their own, these photos really amp up the already-cool factor of both.

All the trippy colours, none of the side effects. Read more
In the wake of the horrible attacks during the Boston Marathon, the city of New York has sent messages of support and solidarity through unique, comforting messages and signs.

As this story develops, we offer our condolences, sympathy and support to all affected by the tragedy. We hope you can find brightness through the dark times. Read more
Justin Bieber said some wild things about Anne Frank this week, but in other, obviously more interesting news, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has re-opened after 10 years.

It's the national art museum, so add it to your itinerary if you're going to Holland! Read more
Food is your friend. In Toronto, there's this awesome initiative called The Stop Community Food Centre, which sort of started as a food bank but blossomed into an organization committed to increasing access to healthy food. Check your local neighbourhoods for something similar - or hey, even start one yourself?

And not into cooking? No problem. These places are like nature's gifts to your eyes. Has to... Read more
The heir to the Estée Lauder cosmetics fortune donated nearly over a billion dollars worth of cubist art to NYC's Met Museum. No word on whether there's a giant Rubik's Cube included... Read more
After a Bollywood award show in Vancouver over the weekend, tons of fans came out to support the growing film scene in India. If you're not in Vancouver, check out some of the films involved. These movies are often full of creative use of colour and fabric, great sources of inspiration... it's like travelling without going anywhere. Plus, it's up to you how spicy you wanna get!

Original story:... Read more
Did you know April is Earth Month? It is!

Not a conspiracy theorist, but is it just a coincidence it's "spring cleaning" time, too?

Two great reasons to create some new projects out of old things...

Original story: 25 Upcycled Craft Projects for Earth Month ...April is a great time to raise awareness about issues that impact the planet to an audience who might not be as receptive to that... Read more
A photo of non-teeny mannequins went viral in Sweden prompting more talk about what a "real woman" is. I'm no expert, but neither one of these plastic girls is a "real" woman to me.

Original story: Why shop mannequins need to be like real women The popularity of an online photograph of larger-than-average fashion dummies at a Swedish department store points the way for retailers to... Read more


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