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This is bringing the whole concept of being one with your art to a whole new level. It might be a stupid level.
Would you climb into something for art's sake? Read more
There are so many trends going on these days, it can be hard to keep track of what is actually "in". Sexy wedge heels are in, but so are slouchy hipster boots… Katie Holmes’ sassy bob gets a lot of “to-do” but so do Blake Lively’s long wavy locks. With all the contradictory trends going on, how does one define a trend these days? Trends are supposed to be temporary fashion... Read more
These days it seems like anyone with a SAG card is putting out a clothing line. As new celeb-backed fashions continue to flood stores, it doesn’t seem like anyone is stopping to question whether these pieces are actually designed by the namesake behind them. And does anyone really care?

Why We Want It

It’s hard to say what attracts people to the lines, but it seems like marketing is the main... Read more
Can reputations and expectations be built on the right colours and fabrics? Politicians think so, whether they want us to know about it or not. For better or worse, the public loves to gossip about politicians’ wardrobes, forcing candidates to play the game too.

Political style might not seem important, politicians might even scoff at the idea of talking fashion, but it’s impossible to say that... Read more
Kylie Minogue is as stylish as they come. A woman with talent, spirit, and sex appeal, she successfully evolved from a fresh faced teenage star to one of the millennium’s sexiest sensations.

After getting things started with 1987’s “The Loco-Motion” , Kylie became a popular celebrity in Australia and the UK, but made a massive comeback to A-list mass appeal with “Can’t Get... Read more
Although “Fashion Icon” might not spring to mind when you think about writer/comedian Tina Fe y, this hilarious and talented woman has been turning heads with her so-called Geek Chic look since she debuted on Saturday Night Live in 2000. Known as the “thinking man’s pin up girl”, Tina Fey has the style and appeal of a woman who doesn’t realize just how stylish and appealing... Read more
You might not know much about Blake Lively, but there is a lot of dirt about her character Serena van der Woodsen to share! Blake is portraying the blonde “is she good or bad” character on the latest teen-drama hit Gossip Girl.

The CW drama is based on a series of novels written by Cecily von Ziegesar and focuses on the lives of rich kids from the Upper East Side of New York City. While the jury is... Read more
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