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It's the perfect time of year to look around and turn old objects into brand new projects and crafts. Whether you're stuck inside because of the chilly weather, or have kids home for the holidays, Amy Azzarito's new book helps get you started. Your home will be front cover-worthy in no time! Read more
Colombian artist Diana Belrtran Herrera is keeping endangered birds alive with her latest art exhibit that turns the beauties into works of paper art.

Could be fun to try a version of this project at home as a way of preserving memories of local birds and other nature pals. And if you have kids, great way to have a "starter pet"! Read more
This great concept all started with a kid's drawing of a stick man.

Whoever comes up with a way to create custom human men, let me know. Read more
Check out these cuddly, creepy, gory goons from 'littleinkstain' who also has great illustrations and more perfect combos of fun and weird that are sure to give you the sweetest nightmares. Read more
I guess if you're sent to prison, you've got to find something to do.

A jailhouse in Philadelphia is currently putting on an exhibit of old artefacts and creations from the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, including things like soap carvings and woodwork.

So maybe bad guys can create good art?

Original story: Old shivs, jailhouse crafts and more are put on display at historic... Read more
They were cool then and apparently, they're still cool now!

Patchwork quilts are still popular today as a time old tradition that literally weaves together the past and present. Or maybe it's just Alaska where it's always quilt weather! :)

Read full story: Alaskan Pratt Museum show looks at art and stories of quilts Read more
Muscat annual Festival in Arab Emirates is happening in January-February 2013.
It's a celebration of Arabic style at the Muscat Fashion Week; a feast for the taste buds at the Oman Food Festival and a number of entertainment activities that will appeal to the whole family.

The Crafts Village in Muscat’s Qurum Natural Park in Dubai is displaying art from countries such as Yemen, Syria, Malaysia,... Read more
Two handmade boats are making their way toward France after leaving the coast of Newfoundland. 4-foot sailboats built by Dick Baldwin of Belfast were 300 miles off the coast of Newfoundland on Tuesday morning.

The boats, which Baldwin refined with the help of a naval architect, are designed to sail before the wind, changing course when the wind does. Baldwin said the wind at the time drove them toward shore,... Read more
Alex Mota, Brazilian born, and American wife, Michelle Mortland, made their dreams come true with the recent opening of their new store in Carver, MA, called "Designing Treasures" - an artisans’ co-op showcasing some of their favorite crafters from across the state.

With plans to continue supporting the local craft scene, the designing duo happily mix business with pleasure.

Read full... Read more
Handmade carpets are an enduring craft in the middle east. In Turkmenistan, carpet weaving is a matter of national pride, and has been accorded the rank of high art.

So it's no surprise to anyone that a large exhibition has been kicked off in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan to coincide with Turkmen Carpet Day . No dirty jokes, please! :)

Read full story: Carpet exhibition opens in Ashgabat
Photo... Read more
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