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A TV show clearing out its wardrobe and set design? This is the greatest garage sale of all time. Look for these in your area, looks like an amazing opportunity to score quality clothes and furniture at reasonable prices. Who said watching TV wouldn't pay off? Read more
Photoshop? How about PhotoFree? Groaning yet? Okay, sorry, but these are great design tools that can help punch up any images that need editing. And the best part is that they're free! But don't go nuts... too much photo editing is almost as bad as too much Botox! Read more
Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pocahontas - they were all just sketchy girls at one point or another. This would have blown my six-year-old mind. "Cartoons aren't real?!"

Puts a real damper on my plans to marry the prince from The Little Mermaid... Read more
A new cloud-sourced Adobe page and app lets you take pics of anything that inspires you and it saves the colour schemes from it.

Go colour-crazy, you know you want to! Read more
Love when great shows inspire cool design. I've never actually seen the show but now I kinda want to... Read more
Finally, a reason to read! Just kidding. But, there have been some interesting drinks mixed up over the years by famous characters from literature and film, and now, thanks to this darling poster, you can add some new beverages "to the mix"! Read more
So, that latest gadget you got - how about aging it 100 years and showing it off? That's what Japanese artist Maico Akiba has done to our fancy gadgets, almost like new-age time travel. Also strangely reminded me of what that necklace from Titanic might look like today... Read more
You know when you’re out shopping and you see some cute ring or bracelet and think to yourself, “hmmm… I could make that if I wanted to”. I don’t know about you, but in my life, one of two things happen. The most likely is that I don’t ever actually make it. The second is that if I do make some attempt, I quickly realize it takes a lot more time and effort than I... Read more
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