Blake Lively: The It Girl with The Right Look

Posted by: Lyra Pappin

You might not know much about Blake Lively, but there is a lot of dirt about her character Serena van der Woodsen to share!  Blake is portraying the blonde “is she good or bad” character on the latest teen-drama hit Gossip Girl. 

The CW drama is based on a series of novels written by Cecily von Ziegesar and focuses on the lives of rich kids from the Upper East Side of New York City.  While the jury is still out on whether or not Serena’s move from bad girl to good girl is genuine, the quality of her clothes is undeniably real!  Blake was lucky to land such a prominent role, especially one with a character who’s wealthy enough to afford the high-end clothes she wears!

Blake herself has a soft and natural beauty that hints at a maturity beyond her character’s dalliances.  Blake is reminiscent of Tatum O’Neal and carries her character’s style with a grace and simplicity, but still with a sly look that hints at a more mischievous nature.

This is the first smash hit Blake has been involved in, although her big break came in 2005 when she starred alongside another TV teen drama star, Alexis Bledel, in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.  She also landed a starring role in Accepted as current Drew Barrymore beau, Justin Long’s love interest.  Perhaps Blake’s interest in acting and style can also be traced to the fact that she comes from a family in the business, with all four siblings pursuing acting and parents involved in producing and directing. 

Although Blake has grown up in the entertainment industry, her youth was evident at the time she started stepping out at award shows and premieres. Blake was in her late teens at the times these movies were coming out and although her style seemed fresh and young, there was definitely room for growth and improvement.

It’s likely that her fashionable character will rub off on her in the future, as the show’s success grows and Blake’s profile rises.  She already looked more pulled together and sexy at a recent TRL appearance.

While Blake herself may not always be solely to thank for her earthy, feminine, and hip look, she deserves credit for pulling it off so well.  However, the real style scientist behind the layers, scarves and hats Blake wears as Serena is costume designer, Eric Daman.  Mr. Daman previously worked as an assistant costume designer and stylist on Sex and the City and is responsible for creating the soft and sexy looks that Blake gets to don week to week.

Serena always looks pulled together but loose and approachable at the same time. She effortlessly pulls off The It Look desired by trendy but toned down girls; she is feminine, fashionable, and sexy without ever looking overly trendy or like she’s trying too hard.

A typical daytime look would be a satin tank with skinny jeans, a loose fitting cardigan and great heels or boots.  For evenings out, Serena has been spotted in 20s inspired swanky black or navy dresses made modern with metallic embellishments.

Although Blake’s long, perfectly tousled blonde hair and forgiving 5’10” frame may elude you, her fashion sense is easily adaptable to a wide scope of fashion hungry fans.  Serena/Blake basics are:

- black skinny jeans
- shimmery tanks
- loose cardigans
- fitted vests
- long, dangly necklaces and chunky rings
- fitted boots, for day or evening looks

While romance and friendship might be in constant turmoil on Gossip Girl, you can rest assured that Serena’s fashion sense will always be stable.  Keep an eye out for more Blake Lively appearances if you like this low-key but high-style look.

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