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Posted by: Lyra Pappin
Kylie Minogue is as stylish as they come. A woman with talent, spirit, and sex appeal, she successfully evolved from a fresh faced teenage star to one of the millennium’s sexiest sensations.

After getting things started with 1987’s “The Loco-Motion”, Kylie became a popular celebrity in Australia and the UK, but made a massive comeback to A-list mass appeal with “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” from 2001’s Fever. Both the song and album were huge hits; the track became her most internationally successful recording yet, and the album sold over 4 million copies worldwide. After enjoying more success in 2003 with her follow up album, Body Language, Kylie has suffered some serious setbacks to her rapidly rising success, including a highly publicized battle with breast cancer and a split from her fiancé, French actor Oliver Rodriguez.
Since being forced to stop her Showgirl Tour in 2005, Kylie has successfully undergone surgery and cancer treatments, which has allowed her to come back to the music industry with a renewed sense of determination to see her dreams and creative spirit realized. With the release of X, her first studio album in four years, Kylie is anxious to get back on stage and reveal her new sounds and styles.

As Kylie is no stranger to reinvention and transformation, a new album promises a new approach to image and fashion. While always managing to be warm and appealing, Kylie’s look has morphed over the years and ranges from casual chic to over the top stage sexiness. With a taste for the outlandish and extreme in her music videos and concert performances, Kylie never fails to make an impression.

Although it might not be the best way to approach a work party, Kylie’s bold and confident attitude are admirable and help her to pull off edgy and unconventional looks. In her hit video for “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” Kylie is seen in a white silk pantsuit that leaves little to the imagination, a space age inspired tracksuit, a metallic mini-dress, and a similarly short and sexy little black dress. While these outfits are not everyday choices, Kylie makes a fashion statement that reveals her personality: she is not afraid to do something different and make a lasting impression.

In interviews and daytime public appearances, Kylie plays it safer than her performance and video wardrobe choices. Aging gracefully, the soon to be 40 year old always looks beautiful and elegant, selecting modern looks that emphasize her femininity with class and sophistication. As the face (and body) of H&M’s 2007 summer swimwear campaign, Kylie made a splash (hilarious, yes?) with the successful campaign, which she contributed to creatively as well.

To achieve a Kylie-esque look, simply know what your best assets are and flaunt them in a modest way. Confused? Go for looks that are sexy without being obvious about it. A backless dress, or a pencil skirt and sheer blouse are lovely ways to accentuate a woman’s body without baring it all. For casual looks, once again, it’s best to know your body. Wear clothes that fit and that compliment your curves. Complete your look with glossy lips like Kylie’s and dress up your eyes with eyeliner in the seductive fishtail style and you’ll be set for the night.

To complete your look, remember that it’s Kylie’s confidence and belief in herself that shine through as her most attractive qualities; keep these accessories on hand and you’ll be the one people can’t get outta their heads.







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