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I guess if you're sent to prison, you've got to find something to do.

A jailhouse in Philadelphia is currently putting on an exhibit of old artefacts and creations from the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, including things like soap carvings and woodwork.

So maybe bad guys can create good art?

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Most people buy Lululemon yoga pants because they have a great reputation for flattering legs, thighs and behinds. In a BOLD move, they inadvertently sent shipments of pants that are see-through. Unless they were sending them to Jennifer Aniston and various other superfit, wildly confident women... epic fail.

The shipments have been recalled. Thank god.

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Not since Don Johnson has there been so much talk about white shoes . Apparently, with spring around the corner, white heels have become popular again. I will probably never wear them, but... I like them! And who cares about fashion "rules" anyway?

Did you even know that wearing white shoes was controversial? Post below if you feel differently!

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It's Fashion Week in Paris and there are t-shirts and skirts that cost thousands of dollars as far as the eyes popping out of your head can see! According to Balenciaga, it seems that black and white is "in" - is this new?? Either way, they're gorgeous and hopefully some great inspiration... Read more
E! Online has selected 10 of the best Oscar looks ever, in advance of the awards this Sunday. I will personally be wearing track pants for the Oscars but now I feel bad about it because these dresses are amazing. Penelope Cruz and Mila Kunis are my favourites... maybe I'll wear a purple sweatshirt in their honour.

Do you agree with their picks? Read more
Remember when book burning was a thing? This is basically the opposite of that. Some of Canada's writers are posing nude for a calendar but it's totally okay because a) books are placed in strategic locations and b) it's for charity.

Proving once again that getting naked is the answer to all of life's problems.

PS: If you think you'd be cool with doing this, you probably want to put aside... Read more
Do you have crafters-block? Take a virtual trip down under to Melbourne, Australia with this great NY Times travel piece. The eclectic and electric blend of colours, concepts and general coolness are sure to fire up your creative engines. Read more
A display of hundreds of marshmallow masterpieces!

The small animal-shaped marshmallows called Peeps are creating a crafting craze across North America. The Carroll County Arts Council will host The 6th Annual “PEEPshow” March 28 - April 7, 2013 for artisans to show off their sticky artwork.

The only question remaining is which is more perverse: a traditional peep show or an exhibition full... Read more
They were cool then and apparently, they're still cool now!

Patchwork quilts are still popular today as a time old tradition that literally weaves together the past and present. Or maybe it's just Alaska where it's always quilt weather! :)

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In a heartwarming venture in Malaysia, mentally and physically challenged children expressed themselves through arts and crafts with great success.

The Art Competition ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ was organized by the Malaysian Tourism Ministry to bring awareness to the public of the many talented artists among slow learners and the physically challenged.

A total of 15 winners walked away with... Read more


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