These Crafts are Ruining my Diet!

Posted by: Lyra Pappin

Peepin through Carroll County - By the Mondor Family.

A display of hundreds of marshmallow masterpieces!

The small animal-shaped marshmallows called Peeps are creating a crafting craze across North America.  The Carroll County Arts Council will host The 6th Annual “PEEPshow” March 28 - April 7, 2013 for artisans to show off their sticky artwork. 

The only question remaining is which is more perverse:  a traditional peep show or an exhibition full of adults making crafts out of marshmallow ducks?

Photo credit: The Carroll County Arts Council

Original story:
Carroll County Arts Council - PEEPshow
Westminster, Maryland - A display of hundreds of marshmallow masterpieces! Come to the 6th Annual PEEPshow and see hundreds of wacky marshmallow masterpieces created by local artists, families, business, and community groups. Admission is FREE!...  Read full story
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